Book Review: Princess The Dark Shadows 1

27223539I received this book as an advanced review copy. While this genre is not my usual reading material I went into it with an open mind knowing quality of writing is what ultimately matters. Let me tell you at the outset, I have been converted. I want more of this genre, and especially more of this series.

Nadira is a vampire princess who works as a healer among humans, who are unaware of the existence of vampires. The writer quickly manages to explain this fictional world in the first few pages. You, the reader, can then quickly settle in for the story.

After work one night Nadira spots Cooper, a human police detective. She is immediately drawn to him. And when Cooper looks at her from across the room, he too is captivated. As they go about their lives after the meeting they are unable to put the other out of their thoughts. I was amused by how she fights to control her display of affection: her fangs ease out! Nice little touch.

And so starts a Romeo and Juliet romance. Her overprotective brothers, the leaders of the Dark Shadows – a group dedicated to destroying rogue vampires – do not want Cooper anywhere near their sister. But their disapproval cannot overcome the strong bond that exists between Nadira and Cooper.

There is a mystery that our detective must get involved in, but really it is just a device to keep throwing these two together. [One distracting note: using a detective to investigate an auto accident is unrealistic. Again it was just to throw Nadira and Cooper together. Minor complaint.]

Nothing can keep our Romeo and Juliet apart. Not even necromancers who want to start a war simply to have Nadira for their own. Through all the trials and the pain they both endure, their love is unrelenting.

This book has battles, hot sex and the foreshadowing of more to come. Let me mention the first physical contact between Nadira and Cooper in his apartment. I found it more sensual than erotic. My heart fluttered. I could feel true love. Excellent writing.

I got caught up in the storyline. It’s an interesting world the writer has shown us. Our main characters are well fleshed out with the promise of fleshing out the others in future installments. If you want an exciting, rip-roaring tale that will pull you into a world filled with vampires and necromancers, yet fill you with the wonder of fated love, this is the book for you. I can’t wait for the sequel.

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You would think if someone on FaceBook is interested in you, that he would check out your profile. I just had someone friend me in the morning and by later morning given me a couple of marriage proposals. He wanted a mother for his son.

If he had read my profile and checked my writing I think he would have figured out I wasn’t mother material.

It can be a sad, lonely world out there. I think I like living in my mind. By myself. And my chiweenie.

Review of “Transfer Student” by Sakura von Sternberg


The author wasted no time taking you into the heat of the story. That’s heat, not heart, although there is plenty of both. She began by effectively instituting the relationship between the two characters. You could feel the pain of loss and yet the desire of the professor. He is an honorable man wanting to do the right thing for a former student. What began as joy at seeing her blossom from protégé to peer grows into acceptance of something life-changing for both of them.

I hope there is a sequel. I would like to follow their journey.

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Picking at a new series

evermore__by_luanalaniI’m making headway on what I hope will become a new series. It’s about a Thai-American transwoman and a marine. She works as secretary to a couples counselor, and the marine and his soon-to-be ex-wife come in for three months of court-ordered counseling. The trans and the marine get to talking while waiting for the ex to arrive (always late) and an attraction arises. She won’t take it further until the divorce. By the time they finally get together and she reveals her little secret, he’s already fallen for her. But then there’s the problem of being a rough and tumble marine loving a tiny little trans.

Written a little over a thousand words just to get a feel, and I think I’ll like it. Too soon to tell. Some of my writing dies on the vine because I end up not caring what happens to my character!

It’s set in Jacksonville NC, home of Camp Lejeune. Never been there. Google Earth! Research, my favorite thing.

Looking back at my first T-Girl in the Office book

In the Office 1 BeginningThe first installment is titled “The Beginning”. Clever, huh. This series tells the story of Pete and Ashlyn. Pete is a straight man, unhappy with his love life who decides to work the overnight shift by himself to avoid contact with others. He prefers the work, his computer, and solitude. Along comes Ashlyn, a transwoman hired to work with him. She is looking for solitude, too. Of course he doesn’t know she’s a trans. And that’s the fun. How does he find out? What does he do when he does find out?

I got all all carried away with this series. Initially it was just going to be two or three installments. But being the romantic I am I’ve taken these two through a series of events to the point I am now working on their wedding.

I received a 5-star Amazon review on this from a reviewer in Southern California who has produced 107 reviews:

“Hugely enjoyable well crafted series with great plot and character development. Interesting and surprising twists and turns and arousing stimulating erotica.”

Thanks to the reviewer for that. I particularly liked the ‘arousing stimulating erotica’ part! That what I write, my friends. I spend probably way too time thinking dirty thoughts. But they’re soooooo enjoyable.

I plan on writing reviews on my books and others in this blog. Hope to see y’all here.

Oh, and please forgive me for the inevitable mistakes I make in this blog. This is my first, and trying to figure out WordPress is making me a little nuts. I may have to slip off to watch some porn or something to clear my mind.

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