Looking back at my first T-Girl in the Office book

In the Office 1 BeginningThe first installment is titled “The Beginning”. Clever, huh. This series tells the story of Pete and Ashlyn. Pete is a straight man, unhappy with his love life who decides to work the overnight shift by himself to avoid contact with others. He prefers the work, his computer, and solitude. Along comes Ashlyn, a transwoman hired to work with him. She is looking for solitude, too. Of course he doesn’t know she’s a trans. And that’s the fun. How does he find out? What does he do when he does find out?

I got all all carried away with this series. Initially it was just going to be two or three installments. But being the romantic I am I’ve taken these two through a series of events to the point I am now working on their wedding.

I received a 5-star Amazon review on this from a reviewer in Southern California who has produced 107 reviews:

“Hugely enjoyable well crafted series with great plot and character development. Interesting and surprising twists and turns and arousing stimulating erotica.”

Thanks to the reviewer for that. I particularly liked the ‘arousing stimulating erotica’ part! That what I write, my friends. I spend probably way too time thinking dirty thoughts. But they’re soooooo enjoyable.

I plan on writing reviews on my books and others in this blog. Hope to see y’all here.

Oh, and please forgive me for the inevitable mistakes I make in this blog. This is my first, and trying to figure out WordPress is making me a little nuts. I may have to slip off to watch some porn or something to clear my mind.

This book is available for purchase at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B011EOZ3Q6

8 thoughts on “Looking back at my first T-Girl in the Office book

      1. Well, the T-Girl in the Office is semi-autobiographical. I really worked in a law firm, I am the trans, I did have a very short affair with my supervisor. That’s in book 1 except, of course, he falls in love with me (in the book) and spawns 8 more books! I wish.

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  1. Oh I see something. In my post about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell I talk about my military life. I really was in the USAF Band and got assigned to room with my lover. But if you didn’t know I was trans then you would probably wonder why they assigned a girl and a boy. My bad. I was a guy (in body) at that time with a different name, but always a female internally.


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