Picking at a new series

evermore__by_luanalaniI’m making headway on what I hope will become a new series. It’s about a Thai-American transwoman and a marine. She works as secretary to a couples counselor, and the marine and his soon-to-be ex-wife come in for three months of court-ordered counseling. The trans and the marine get to talking while waiting for the ex to arrive (always late) and an attraction arises. She won’t take it further until the divorce. By the time they finally get together and she reveals her little secret, he’s already fallen for her. But then there’s the problem of being a rough and tumble marine loving a tiny little trans.

Written a little over a thousand words just to get a feel, and I think I’ll like it. Too soon to tell. Some of my writing dies on the vine because I end up not caring what happens to my character!

It’s set in Jacksonville NC, home of Camp Lejeune. Never been there. Google Earth! Research, my favorite thing.

One thought on “Picking at a new series

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