Thoughts on the freebies

Amazon has updated 3 of my 4 free books starting today. The 4th (the Big Deal) should be free starting tomorrow.

The Billionaire and the Big Deal – when I got tired of sending long novels to traditional publishers only to get my SASE’s back, I decided I’d rather not spend a couple months writing something for rejection. I could get rejected much quicker with shorter works! So I decided to publish myself through Kindle. Plus, in the longer works I never let out my inner slut. Whenever it came time for the hero and the woman he was saving to get busy, I would cut away at the start of: “He kissed. He kissed her hard. When they woke the next morning…”  I really wanted to describe just what it was he was kissing hard!

I decided since I liked dirty stuff, why not go ahead and write it. Thanks to Kindle I knew it could get published. I would be publishing myself. So I did some elementary market research. Why kind of smut sells? I wondered. Checking the listings I saw these things: werewolves, motorcycles clubs and billionaires. Thus, my first book was this, The Billionaire and the Big Deal. My very first published short story. Get it here:

The Billionaire’s T-Girl – I really gotta learn how to compose titles. It’s like I’m trying to get tags in the titles themselves! Awful. Anyway, this was the follow-up attempt. I liked it, but it never caught on so there’s no sequel. Died on the vine. Too bad as it even got a 5-star review. Get it here:

My Zombie Lover – the end of a short-lived relationship prompted this one. Awful book! Really awful! But I was in one foul mood when I wrote it. You’ll see what I mean by the last paragraph. I may end up deleting this from my catalog. However, it did get a 5-star review so it can’t be too awful. Get it here:

The Professor and the Asian – by releasing this one free I’m just trying to drum up the series. The second book, “…and the Redhead” has already been reviewed.  Get it here:

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