Book in review

Trans Marine 1 ConsultationWhew, it’s done! The Trans and the Marine is now in Amazon’s hands, being reviewed. This was fun to write. I like these two characters. I hope others do, too.

I ended this Book 1 in an abrupt manner. On purpose. My favorite zombie apocalypse writer, Dirk Patton (9 books so far in his Voodoo Plaque series) will finish the story and then at the end put the three heroes in an absolute no-win situation. End of book. I tend to go arghhh and then pre-order the next one. For example, one of his books ended with the 3 saving a whole trainload of people from an approaching horde by crossing a bridge over a raging river. Then the bad guy attacks, wrestles with the female hero only for the two to fall over the edge of the bridge into the river. Our hero, without thinking, jumps over the bridge, too. End of book!

Another thing he does is, at the beginning of each book, explain that you should go back and read the previous books because he wasn’t going to take time explaining characters, past plot lines, or any such item as he expected the reader to know who or what he was talking about as he goes forward. I imagine he gets a lot of sales through that.

Anyway, here’s the blurb I wrote:

When GySgt Doug attends court-ordered couples therapy with his soon-to-be ex-wife he is distracted by the beautiful young Thai secretary, Kelli. She finds herself also drawn to this big marine.

There is something about her he feels compelled to explore. Something beyond her beauty. That alone would ordinarily suffice. But there was an indescribable something, her demeanor, her self-assurance, some ineffable quality that attracted him.

Kelli had been alone for a while, and despite being content with her life there was just something about this man that caught her attention. She had had bad experiences in the past when her uniqueness was exposed. She wasn’t about to let that happen again.

Could she put aside her trepidation and trust her heart? What would he do once her truth was revealed?

Fingers, legs and eyes crossed.


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