Did you know…?

I found out last night that on Amazon your book’s ranking is listed. I was checking to see if my book cover had been updated. At the bottom of the book details it tells you the categories your book is listed in, and the ranking compared to other books in the same categories.

I had seen some of my Facebook friends post their books ranking (making me jealous) but I just thought that Amazon sent them notification. And I felt pretty excited for them. Writing a book takes a lot of effort. A lot of thought, a lot of heart goes into every line written. So when I see someone’s success, I give a little cheer. Gives me hope I can achieve some too.

But then there is was — #99. I had broken into the top 100. I think I wet myself a little! Who knows. I may have done it before and just not known. (The ranking, not the wetting.) What a dummy!

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