Review of Mr. Brooks Bundle by B.J. Taylor

51S8z9UnxxL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_First off, it is completely believable that a man would become a trillionaire by developing a cure for baldness and small cocks. Hands down fact.

Now, to the stories. They are short. Very short, but hot. I found that as I was getting into the scene it would come to a climax… so to speak. But with the writing of the author, it’s not hard to continue the scene in your mind.

Chapter 1 A-List Cock Star ended with a threesome, a voyeur outside the room, and a facial. Delicious.

Chapter 2 Pop Star was very short, but led into Chapter 3 – Mile High Moneyshot which included the Pop Star in delightful ways. I found this story particularly hot as it began with a twosome, moved to a threesome, then finally ended in a foursome. Let me state right now: I so want to be Myka, the narrator. Ever been curious as to what that many people do? Read this chapter.

Chapter 4 is Sexual Feelings started out very sexy for me. I have a thing for stewardesses, and Boss did delightful things to her ass. Nice. And now the best story started. Rene. In these stories Boss is the dominant male, literally fucking anyone around him. But Rene walks in and totally turns the tables. From the moment, literally, she enters the story. The Boss becomes her bitch! And I loved it! And when she orders Myka to put Boss’s cock in Rene I gushed a little. Very erotic. In the words of Myka “This was so fucking hot.” I agree.

Chapter 5 is titled Myka. We get to see Myka’s lust, and I liked the way she was “taking Mr. Brooks with me.” You need to read to see what I mean. I like the concept.

Chapter 6 The Brownstein Company. Because of part 1 of this chapter I’ll never look at steak sauce the same way again. Also, Myka gets to prove her multitasking genius, and it was very impressive. I want to repeat: I so want to be Myka.

Chapter 7 Gangbang I found to be a letdown as the gangbang approach had been done stupendously well by Myka in chapter 6.

In conclusion, I would have liked to see all of these fleshed out, so to speak, into longer episodes. I enjoyed the scenarios but by being longer they could have been sexier. I would just get into a story and bam! it’s done. Savor, swirl that sauce around your mouth to taste the flavor.

Only because of the shortness I give this bundle 4 stars. Longer episodes would have gotten 5 stars. Buy it now at Amazon

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