I was just reading an article about pain

Specifically “Describing Pain in BDSM Erotica”.  Interesting piece. I’ve only put a little in my work, The Professor and the Asian where I used shibari (no pain) and The Professor and the Redhead (where she abused him).

It made me think about myself a little. Maybe I’m revealing too much but since this is my blog, I guess it’s OK.

When I’m having sex and I really want a good orgasm and getting close, I tell the guy to squeeze my nipples hard. And I don’t mean twist or tweak them. I mean squeeze them like you’re trying to make blood squirt out. Or bite them. I want to be forced to yelp. That will take me over the edge every time.

I really don’t know why that is. I don’t do that when I’m making love. (You’ll notice I do differentiate between sex and love.) In lovemaking I simply get off on the closeness with my partner. Hugging and kissing does it for me then. A good deep French kiss when I’m close will finish me. I love fucking with a man’s tongue in my mouth.

Talk about two different reactions!

By the way, the article is at http://erotica-readers.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default. Good stuff.

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