Got a couple titles marked “Adult”

In the Office 1 Beginning NewReally? I write transgender erotica. Who would have thought they might be considered adult! Anyway, after looking at the covers and reading the blurbs, I can see it was the covers that did the deed. So yesterday I recreated them and submitted them to Amazon asking them to de-adult them.

The problem is if a book is marked adult then they don’t show up in normal searches. In a sense, they become invisible. Sucks. What do you think? Will these pass their inspection?

The funny thing is, both books are from an old series that is still making me money now and again. How anyone can find these two books without it being in a search result is unclear to me. Regardless, both books, as recently as last week, were purchased/read.

In the Office Bundle 2

7 thoughts on “Got a couple titles marked “Adult”

      1. Seriously though, it is a very sexy pic so it might not. But I’m hoping it will ’cause it’ll certainly sell books for you.


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