Potential new book

33900360f3c9bd278f34a9e8bf1eb533I am coming to a close on my current book. Done by this weekend or early next week. So I’m spitballing my next book. I already have two in the pipeline I could continue on, and may well do just that. But lately I’ve been rolling around the idea of a zombie romance. I already did one called My Zombie Lover (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B013PYDSA6) but that was written right after I got rid of a worthless son-of-a-bitch from my life, so the writing was a little on the brutal side. Kinda vicious, actually. Not proud of it exactly, but it sure was cathartic.

My initial thoughts relate back to cowboy movie days. When a town in the old west started moving from cowboys and sheepherders into a real town with a church, stores and schools for families with children, they had to hire a freelance marshal to ride in and save the day. He’d bring in deputies to assist and they would post and enforce rules for behavior — no guns, no public drunkenness, etc.

So now we are several years into the zombie apocalypse, the Zs are rotting beyond serious danger. Real Romero-type zombies, slow shufflers. But they are still dangerous when in large packs. A human can become trapped in a group and infected. Any town wanting to move beyond just hiding out has to dispose of all the zombies around their area, set up proper defenses and get on with life. Grow food, domesticate animals, develop an agrarian society again.

To make their town safe, the town leaders hire — zombie possee? zombie gang? I don’t know what to call them yet — to come into town, evaluate, and go about killing every zombie within miles. The romance is in the possee between the members.

Since I write erotica, sex will be aplenty, mixed in with the danger. Not only from the zombies but from a rival gang that wants to rule the town themselves. A rival gang. Obviously they’ll have to have some hotties in there. Hmm, maybe a romeo-juliet thing. Just spitballing.

Anyway, these are my thoughts. Just typing stuff out.

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