It Lives! T-Girl in the Office: Wedding Day

In the Office 9 Wedding DayThe 9th and final installment of T-Girl in the Office is now available on Amazon. This series has told the story of a trans woman who meets a cis man, falls in love, and begins a life together. It’s been fun to write. I have really grown to love these characters. Here’s the blurb for the book:

The big day has finally arrived for Ashlyn, the transwoman, and Pete, her cis fiancé. It has been a long road for them, from first meeting to falling in love, from a brutal attack to starting a new life together.

Their wedding day finds them in preparation for the ceremony. Melinda, Ashlyn’s best friend since childhood, has taken a shine to the photographer/videographer. She asks for some special, private photos. He is more than happy to provide such a service. But he quickly discovers she has much more in mind than a simple picture.

After the long day will our newlyweds have the energy for their first night together? Will they celebrate as man and wife or take an early night’s sleep? Ha! They will have rip-roaring sex!

Available for purchase at

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