My Thanksgiving

cbe26c3aee8bcd42d0261d3cadd4019f2015-04-16 11.00.37This is my first Thanksgiving since I divested myself of a worthless cis lump earlier in the year (no bitterness there, huh!) And I’m not only good with that, I prefer it. I’ve got my one true love by my side, Rachel. Always loving, always loyal, always ready for a belly rub and a lick. Just like mommy!

Since my cooking is under watch by the EPA as a toxic dump site, I have my holiday meals at the Golden Corral. And don’t laugh! All the turkey, taters and fixin’s I can shovel into my mouth with no cleanup afterwards.

I hope all of my readers have a wonderful holiday, full of family, friends and loving companions around their tables. Be kind to one another. Eat too much, burp with joyous abandon, and may the only arguments be about who wins the local football game.

Bless all of you!

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