Unbowed / The Substitute — WIP

Unbowed The Professor Sub 3After reflection concerning whether to write something meditative, quasi-semi-pseudo-autobiographical in nature, or total jism flinging smut, I started both. Ha! Fooled you, didn’t I. Although my pull is to the meditative piece, and it has the bulk of produced words, I making sure there’s enough sex in it to keep myself (and hopefully the reader) interested.

The two covers show my inspiration at this point. Covers can change, though, so who knows.

Unbowed tells the story of a transwoman dumped by her years-long cis lover. Dejected and self-loathing at first, she finds potential love working beside her in the company she owns. The woman who is her number two is steadfast at her side during her crisis. She doesn’t recognize what is right in front of her, instead reveling in her downward spiral. Something tells me she will come out of it OK.

The Professor and the Substitute is book 3 of The Professor and… series. Book 2 saw the good professor in the hands of a redheaded female volleyball player who turned the tables and totally dominated his ass. Boy, was that fun to write! No way could I be as mean as the redhead. The Substitute is brought in because the professor was so emotionally damaged he had to take a year’s sabbatical. The Substitute is a transwoman who is there is cover TG history through the ages. And to despoil some of the students. Mostly the despoil part! I see a four-some in my future (on paper, anyway).

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