Little Breakthrough

I’ve been having some trouble with my writing, actually having a little block. I had my trans break up with her cis lover. All of that went well, along with the following scenes showing her in a downward spiral.

So I had to show her starting her comeback, realizing she is a strong woman worthy of love. To do that I have her discover her co-worker, the woman who helped her start her company, is a lesbian. Which, of course, leads to a trans/woman love scene.

As many stories as I have written, I always write them through the trans view, romance with a man. I’ve done one lesbian scene — girl on girl. So I’ve been tap dancing around this for a couple of days.

Tonight I got it written. I’ll go over it again tomorrow to improve it, but at last I’m back to writing. Thank heavens. I’ve lost two days writing and that’s a lot of words lost.

The life of an erotic writer. Just sitting around thinking of the dirtiest things possible. What can I write that will make my reader wet/hard? Dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it!

By the way, talking about making a reader wet/hard, may I recommend a fellow blogger, Mystery Man, at Very hot author!

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