Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

1baff9f65b2674df80ac724faca2b4fdI had a career in the AF Band. I was a bassoonist. It was a lovely time. I enjoyed it immensely. I was also deep, deep under cover. While many suspected me, no one ever directly accused me of anything.

As a musician, the ratio of LGBT to straight was probably much higher than the usual military unit. But as long as no one sucked off a clarinetist center stage, the command structure let things be. It was only when someone became blatant that they got kicked out.

Well, I just learned that a candidate for president has recommended reinstating the DADT policy! That is insanity. If you follow the LGBT community at all you know the huge number of outstanding heroes that have come out. Why anybody would want to lose such bravery and talent just boggles my mind.

Something else that boggles my mind. The memory of my time in the band. We traveled a lot performing. We’d be away from base for days, sometimes weeks, giving daily concerts. One time my lover at the time — David *******, a name I just dredged up from my memory, a pianist and organist (yes, I know, how cliche) — and I were assigned to be roomies. Not just for that trip, but until one of us was reassigned. The military basically ordered my lover and I to sleep together. Hahahahahaha. Every morning we’d have to wake up and mess up the other bed before heading out. That’s government thinking for you.

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