Thoughts on Religion

Earlier today I was at a funeral for a friend. Not a close friend, but one whose funeral I felt duty bound to attend. I’m a good Catholic girl so I go to these things. Anyway, as the priest gave his homily — a really wonderful one — I got to thinking about what he would say to me if I told him about me. The me he doesn’t know.

I figure his head would explode if I said I write trans erotica. Then he would come right out of the confessional if I told him what I had under my skirt! I’m pretty sure I would never receive communion after that!

I wonder how many people keep such essential information hidden away from others? I’m on terrific terms with my priest. I’ve taken him to breakfast after mass many times. I’m a lector and a Eucharistic minister. And if the church knew about me they would drive me out with pitchforks!!!

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