My Latest Book “Unbowed”

UnbowedI have published my latest story, Unbowed. It tells the heartwarming tale of a transwoman betrayed by the man she loved, her spiral into degradation, and final redemption in the arms of the woman who loves her. It’s a laugh a minute (yes, that is sarcasm). This is a story I didn’t want to write but it was going to block me from doing anything else until I did. Here’s the blurb:

Nora thought she had the perfect life with her live-in lover James. She was beautiful and successful, a transwoman who had an equally successful man in her life. Their future was bright.

Then an unexpected announcement from her lover made her reassess everything she thought she knew. From that point on her life took on a downward spiral. She didn’t think she could pick up the pieces.

But her co-worker Bea did. The key to Nora’s happiness lay right in front of her. It always had. Can she recognize it before she tumbles completely down the hole of despair?

It is available on Amazon at

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