The Writing Life

d89396c085de887dd8930ab8b63a4b40My latest book (Unbowed) is doing well on Amazon. The first book was sold before Amazon told me it was live! Who knew that was even possible? I didn’t really want to write it because of the semi-autobiographical nature of it (and was fucking painful). The opening portion actually happened, just not in as classy an atmosphere as written (think McDonald’s rather than Delmonico’s restaurant LOL).

I was literally unable to work on my other projects. I was blocked. Such an odd life I lead.

Writing is an odd profession. No matter what I outline, once the writing starts things change; characters say and do things I hadn’t thought of. Adjust outline. Write more. Readjust outline. Wonder why you wrote an outline in the first place! Write anyway.

For those with loving and supporting people in your lives, I salute you! Keep them close. Hug them. Bake them cookies! Because they are precious and, apparently, rare.

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