An Excerpt from “T-Girl in the Office: Party Time”

In the Office 7 Party TimeMy latest book “Unbowed” has been selling well since going live on Tuesday. To celebrate I’m putting out this excerpt from an older book. It was my first lesbian scene. Certainly was fun to write! Enjoy my friends.

This scene does not involved my main characters. Instead it’s two ancillary people.

Melinda and Becky were walking along the shoreline, talking quietly, letting the waves roll up over their feet. Occasionally a wave would reach up to mid-calf. They would laugh, turn and run toward shore.

After one such rush they turned to each other. Melinda was taller than Becky. She reached down, wrapped her arms around Becky and pulled her into her body. Then she leaned down and kissed Becky’s lips. They were soft and warm.

Melinda didn’t rush. She left her lips soft and yielding, waiting for Becky to signal her desires. Slowly Becky began kissing more intently, with greater passion. She gave a small groan, pushing herself into Melinda, crushing their breasts together.

When a wave attacked again, they broke their kiss and moved to the loungers a short distance away. They had their arms wrapped around each other’s waists.

“Have you ever been with a woman before,” Melinda asked quietly.

“Never. I’ve barely been with a man.”

“Then just go with your feelings. Don’t try to force anything. Just relax and enjoy. OK?”


The night was filled with the sounds of rushing water, waving palm trees and some sort of insects buzzing. When they reach the nearest lounger they stopped. Melinda turned Becky and took her in her arms again. She was soft and warm. Her hands explored Becky’s body, gently teasing her flesh.

Becky’s breasts were small but firm, set high on her chest. Melinda ran her hands up under the bikini bra, running her palms over the soft nipples, squeezing them. She reached around to unsnap the bikini bra and drop it to the sand. The nipples puckered in the night air.

Melinda leaned down to lick at the tips, drawing them even longer. As she sucked, nipping gently, her hands were busy at Becky’s bikini bottoms. She slid them down her legs, letting them pool at her feet.

When Melinda touched a fingertip to her fuzzy pussy Becky sucked in her breath and gave a nervous giggle. Melinda gave a deep throaty laugh, too.

“Sit down here,” she said, indicating the lounger. She sat. Melinda kneeled before her, slipping her hands under Becky’s ass to scoot her out to the edge. When Melinda eased her knees apart she could see in the moonlight that her pussy lips were damp. Her body was already reacting positively to Melinda’s touches.

Melinda breathed in deeply of Becky’s aromas. It was a sweet smell, fresh, young. She leaned in and put her nose just at the beginning of her pubic hair and inhaled. She felt woozy. So delightful.

She leaned close and snaked out her tongue, allowing just the very tip to touch a moist lip, running her tongue along it. Becky sucked in her breathe and lolled her head back, concentrating completely on the sensations shooting up her body.

“How does that feel?” Melinda asked softly.

“Like nothing I’ve ever felt before,” Becky answered.

Melinda kept running her tongue along the cunt, sliding over to the other pink lip, carefully avoiding touching the clitoris. Becky was starting to move her hips ever so slightly, slowly, trying to get the tongue to her hardening bud.

“Umm,” Becky said, “that’s nice.”

Melinda put her hands under Becky’s ass to lift it slightly, licking and inhaling the delicious smelling juice running down her crack. She pulled away from her to look at her cunt. It had grown puffy and dark. It glistened in the moonlight. The nub of her clit had hardened and was distended. It begged to be sucked.

Melinda pursed her lips and slid Becky’s stiff clit between them, sucking gently, moving her head up and down like she was giving it a blow job.

“Oh God,” Becky said, wrapping her hands in Melinda’s hair. “That’s fantastic!”

Her hips were bucking in rhythm to Melinda’s sucking. A light sheen of sweat coated Becky’s body despite the cool night air. She pulled on her hair, pulling her tighter against her crotch.

Melinda didn’t ease off, sucking harder on the little bud, sliding her tongue across it. Becky’s juices were coating her chin, running down her neck. Melinda squeezed her ass cheeks hard, helping to pull herself tight to her cunt.

“Oh God. Umm, uhh, uhh, God I’m cumming,” Becky grunted.

Becky’s body froze against Melinda, a guttural sound coming from her open mouth. Her eyes were squeezed tight. Melinda held steady, letting Becky bask in her orgasm. Copious amounts of juice was pouring from her pussy and running down Melinda’s chest.

Seconds passed. At last Becky’s muscles began to relax, her hips returning to the lounger seat cushion. Her hands released Melinda’s hair. Melinda sat back on the sand and looked at Becky.

Her eyes were still shut tight. Her chest heaved, taking in air to recover from her climax. Melinda admired the body in front of her. Perspiration ran down her body. Her thighs still trembled. The moonlight shone off the sweaty skin. She wished she had a camera.

After a time Becky lifted her head, looked at Melinda and gave a bright smile.

“Wow,” she said.

“Eloquent,” Melinda chuckled. “I feel the same way looking at you right now.”

As Becky’s breathing finally eased, she stared intently at Melinda. Melinda knew the look. Hunger. She stood and, reaching out, took Becky’s hands to lift her. They switched places.

Melinda sat on the cushion, wet with Becky’s fluids. They were cool now, and sticky. Melinda didn’t care.

“Let me show you something. Something you’ve probably never even heard of,” Melinda said.


Melinda pulled her suit off, showing her mature, full figure to the young girl. She cupped her large breasts, squeezing them together, fingers pulling at her nipples

“Suck these,” she said. Becky leaned into the cleavage. She licked, then nibbled at the now-hard nipples.

“Harder. Bite them,” she said breathlessly. She did. A sharp intake of breath told Becky she was doing it right.

“Now finger my cunt. Just the outside lips.”

Becky licked her fingers, then ran a fingertip along Melinda’s distended pussy lips, adding her spittle to the juices already running freely. She wiggled her hips to get Becky into the speed she wanted.

Melinda closed her eyes, reveling in the feelings of the young girl’s finger touching her so intimately. Fluids rolled out of her, coating Becky’s hand.

“Now, here,” she said, opening her eyes and grabbing the bottle of suntan lotion on the nearby table. She poured out a large amount all over Becky’s hand and with her own hands smeared it evenly.

“Take one finger and put it in my pussy. Slow. Gentle.” Becky put her face close to Melinda’s cunt, watching as her finger slid into the moist passage. She moved it back and forth, fucking her.

“Deeper, darling.” She went in fully and wiggled her finger.

“Curl your finger a little and kind of rake it in and out.” She followed the instructions, feeling the texture deep in Melinda’s pussy.

“Ahh, that’s nice. A little harder.” Becky went a little harder and faster.

“Umm. Now add another finger.” Becky slipped a second finger in Melinda dripping pussy. Between the lotion and her own natural juices Becky was covered with her fluids. They smelled like sex personified.

“Harder,” Melinda said, starting the buck her hips faster. “Fuck me harder.” Becky pushed more.

Suddenly Melinda stopped.

“Wait now.” Her hips stilled and Becky quit moving. “Pull your hand out.”

Melinda grabbed the lotion again and poured a huge amount on Becky’s hand.

“Now put all your fingers together, pointed, like a duck’s bill” Melinda instructed.

Becky did. Melinda grabbed her wrist and placed the pointed fingers are the entrance of her cunt. She took a deep breath, then started pulling the wrist towards her pussy, fingers easing in.

“Push, darling, I want you in me.”

“But my hand…” Becky started to say.

“That’s right. I want your hand in me. Come on. Slowly, I’ll guide you in.”

Melinda kept pulling while Becky began pushing, the fingers entering slowly. They were only one joint deep when Melinda let out a loud explosion of air.

“Gawd, that feels good,” she said. “Keep pushing.”

She was grunting from the pressure. Consciously Melinda was relaxing her vagina.

“Is this OK?” Becky asked, amazed at what was happening.

“Yes,” she gasped. “Just go slow. Don’t stop!” she said, hands gripping Becky’s wrist tightly.

They passed the second joint.

“Gawd, I feel so stretched. Fuck.”

Melinda grabbed the lotion, poured the entire bottle over Becky’s hands and flung the bottle away.

“More,” Melinda grunted, “deeper.”

Becky was pushing for all she was worth. It was amazingly tight. Her hand was starting to cramp, but she wasn’t about to stop. She continued leaning into Melinda’s cunt.

Finally they reached Becky’s knuckles. Sweat was pouring off of both of them despite the night air. The exertion was intense. Melinda was breathing heavily, large breasts heaving. Her eyes were wide, staring at the stars above.

“Now when this goes in,” she gasped, “don’t move. Just let your hand fill me.”

With that Melinda pulled hard on Becky’s wrist, forcing it to slide past her opening. Becky pushed hard and suddenly, just like that, her hand was deep in Melinda’s vagina.

“Nuh, gaaaaaawd,” Melinda said.

Becky couldn’t believe the wet, hot sensation of being inside Melinda’s womb. It was amazing to her.

“Now make a fist,” she grunted. She lifted her head to look into Becky’s eyes. Becky reflected the joy she felt, the glorious feeling of being engulfed by Melinda’s pussy.

“Gently, very gently, fuck back and forth. Gently!”

As soon as Becky complied Melinda threw her head back and started orgasming.

“Nuh nuh nuh,” she said in rhythm to Becky’s movements. “Gaaaaawd!”

Her hips flew up and down, fucking Becky’s fist, cum oozing around the trapped wrist.

“Push!” she yelled. Becky tried to get her hand further into Melinda’s vagina, but her hand finally began to cramp. At last Melinda rested her hips.

“OK. Good. Now put your fingers together again, duck hand. And slowly, slowly, pull out.”

Becky did as she was told. When her hand started easing out of the pussy Melinda started making grunting sounds again, and as the hand popped from her cunt she let out a little yell. She had had another small climax.

Melinda rolled onto her side and curled up into a fetal position, arms around knees. She stayed that way as she tried to slow her breathing.

“Are you OK?” Becky asked, afraid she had hurt her. Melinda just nodded her head, not speaking.

They lay in the night, the sea breeze cooling the sweat from their bodies. Becky could hear the ocean and buzzing insects again.

If you would like to buy the whole book, it is on Amazon at

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