Finishing A Holiday Story

let_me_look_by_ carriegrrI’m coming in for a landing on my latest book, Dining Alone. It tells the story of a transitioning transwoman alone for the holidays, uncomfortable with her appearance yet forcing herself to be in the public. She eats regularly at a restaurant with her back to the room. Along comes a woman, a lesbian who has just broken up with her longtime lover. She made it through Thanksgiving but feels the loss during the upcoming Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

The woman takes matters in hand by approaching the trans asking to join her for dinner. They talk, they laugh, they get along well. The woman suggests that since they are both alone they should spend this time together keeping one another company.

The woman is just what the trans needs. She bolsters her courage and forces her out and about, proving that the trans is simply seeing an old picture of herself in her mind rather than what the hormones have been accomplishing. She has grown into a beautiful young woman.

Taking the trans under her wings, the woman is finding new feelings in herself. They end up attracted to each other. If you’ve read any of my other books, you know damn well where this is leading! Sex sex and more sex. Hot sweaty stuff. I even broke out some latex and strap on action!

I have finished the first draft. I’ll edit and publish sometime tomorrow, available for purchase by Friday.

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