Just Because – An Excerpt from The Professor and the Asian

The Professor and the Asian 1Thought I’d post a little shibari action just for the heck of it. I’m putting off working on my next book, Book 2 of Dining Alone. Just feeling lazy. Rainy days always get me down.

Minor note. This is one of the few books I’ve written not featuring a trans. Just wanted to show my versatility!

Setup: Professor Paul teaches at a Catholic college. Every year he picks some poor student to be his sex project. This year it was an Asian student. Japanese specifically (so future books could feature students from different countries). He catches her plagiarizing a paper off the internet and submitting it as her own. Bingo! Blackmail. What follows below is one of the scenes in which she reluctantly submits.

Paul stood and walked to the occasional table standing against one wall, designed in the same style as the kotatsu.

“Take all your clothes off.”

This was the first time Paul had seen Sada completely naked. She was thin but not skinny. Her musculature was runner lean, wiry. There was strength there. As he watched her shed clothing Paul could tell she was extremely flexible. This was a good thing, it would make this easy. Her breasts were small, tight, less than he imagined. Hips were narrow. The ass was rounded but not protruding. She was completely hairless. The ropes would love her.

Paul walked around her, studying her body. Gathering up the rope, he began applying strands around her body, above and below her breasts. Her nipples became hard pebbles, distended, as the rope dug into her flesh. Then he looped around the middle of the bottom strand and ran it up and around her neck.

“Turn around and put your arms behind you. Cup your elbows in your hands. Imagine a box.’ Paul watched as she assumed the position.

With the excess rope already used in tying her breasts, he began weaving a couple of strands around her upper arms, the middle arms and from the middle of her forearms attaching to horizontal strands. He was careful to make them tight enough to hold, yet not so tight as to cut of circulation.

“Do you feel any tingling in your fingers?” Sada shook her head no.

“Ok, be sure to communicate with me, Sada. Do not let me hurt you. You should feel constricted but not in pain.”

“Ok Professor, I will.”

He looked her over. The arms tied behind her back forced her breasts to jut out wonderfully. The hard nipples cried out for sucking, but not yet.

“Good. Now turn around with your back to the table. I’ll help you sit down with your legs out before you.”

As he helped her down he could see that her skin was flushed. Whether she admitted it or not, she was starting to enjoy this.

First he tied her back against the table. The table shook but it would hold. It was substantial. He then pulled a leg up to wrap several strands of rope around an ankle and thigh. He could see moisture begin to seep from between her pink pussy lips. “That’s tight,” she said. He loosened the ropes just a little, but the rope still dug into her flesh slightly.

“Better,” she said.

He repeated the process for the other leg looking to her for approval. She nodded her head. Paul studied the results so far, deciding what he wanted to do.

He pulled the legs back against her chest, in essence folding her in half. This had the added effect of forcing her crotch out and opening her cunt lips. Sada was definitely dripping juice now. She was pulled back against the table, buttocks on the floor, breasts jutting outward, hair falling over her face. She was breathing evenly, displaying no pain. Sweat was coating her body but that was to be expected. Every part of her body was under tension.

Paul rose from the tying and admired his work. The knotting had been done on the side of the ties, decorative and not placing any pressure on her skin. He did not want to mark her at all. The ropes were tight enough to dig into the flesh, forcing it to bulge slightly around the jute.

He went to a nearby chair and sat. She was beautiful. Sada was beautiful in any circumstance, but here, tied, helpless, her alabaster skin divided by rope and knots, Paul felt he had never seen anyone as exquisite.

“You should see yourself, Sada. You are magnificent.”

Sada looked up at him. Her face glowed. Sweat ran down her face, but she absolutely glowed. It was time. He had been patient enough.

Paul walked to Sada, knelt and lapped gently at her now-distended pussy lips. She groaned softly. Juice was flowing freely, running down the crack of her ass and onto the carpet.

He kept licking, dipping his tongue between the lips occasionally, drawing a squeal every time he did. After a time he added a finger, rubbing along the darkening lips. With the pad of his finger he pressed against her clit drawing a long moan as she rolled her head side to side.

As her wetness grew Paul slipped a finger into her cunt, drawing a moan from Sada. The muscles of her pussy grabbed at his finger. They were amazingly strong muscles. Ah, youth, he thought.

When his cock was rock hard, he stood and quickly undressed. His penis was long and curved, a perfect tool for this position. He got onto his knees in front of her and placed the tip of his cock at the entrance of her cunt. Drooling spittle onto his shaft, he started pressing into the moist folds. Slowly his cock sank into her, groaning himself.

Once he was fully engulfed, he began a slow fucking motion, drawing squeaks from her in rhythm. Sada was thrashing her head from side to side. Nothing else could move. Each time Paul bottomed out her feet would jiggle, but that was the sum of her motion.

Immobilized, all Sada could do was immerse herself in the delicious feelings emanating from her pussy. She was tingling all over. Her eyes squint shut. A flush covered her whole body as streams of perspiration rolled off her.

Paul leaned over to nibble at an erect nipple, lightly teething it. His cock was pulling completely out, then thrusting back into her, bouncing her against the table.

His penis was throbbing, a climax beginning deep inside of him as he continued to slam into Sada. Suddenly she let out a long wail, high pitched, as her orgasm hit. Fluids were shooting out around Paul’s shaft, dripping onto the carpeting. There was no other movement available to her. She continued the squealing until her spasming was over.

As she came down from her climax, Paul sped up his fucking. With a shout he shot his load deep into her womb. Paul groaned with each spurt, each twitch of his cock, until he stilled.

He pulled out of her, his cock still hard, popping up to slap his stomach. Their mixed juices poured out of Sada, leaving a glistening mass pooling at her ass crack.

They were both gasping heavily and sweating profusely. As their breathing settled he looked her in the face. There was satisfaction on it. While she normally kept her eyes cast down, she was brazenly staring into his.

“Are you all right?” he asked. She nodded her head.

“Let me get you out of this.” He began untying her carefully, easing the strands from her body. He rubbed her flesh as the indentations were exposed, forcing blood into the muscles. Strand after strand until her legs were free.

He helped her stand. The ropes tying her arms were the last to come off. He massaged her thin body and helped her walk to a chair. Sitting down, he knelt by her to continuing rubbing.

“How you feeling?” he asked. “No pain?” She shook her head no. After a time she began talking.

“I can’t explain how I felt,” Sada said softly, casting her eyes down again. “I did feel beautiful, yet vulnerable. I have never been that exposed. Not in front of anyone. There was slight pain, yet the pain excited me. Paul, I’ve never felt so, so, submissive. Yet exhilarated. I cannot express what I feel. I’ll have to meditate on it before I can fully understand it.”

She turned to look Paul in the eyes, trying to see into his soul.

“I just want to breathe this in, to think about the pain and the pleasure. I want to hold onto this feeling, draw on it later. I want to remember this feeling, my freedom. Thank you Paul. Thank you for this.”

Without another word Paul stood, dressed, gathered up his paraphernalia in his bag and left. Stopping at the door, he turned to look back at Sada. She was still on the chair, curled into a ball. The small welts on her skin still showed but would soon fade away. She was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen.

This is on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B015TXPP34. The sequel, The Professor and the Redhead is at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01784ZBXG. This tells the story of a student who sees him for who he is and introduces him to some alternative ideas! Painful ideas!!

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