The Spinster’s Revenge

These are the photos I’m using for inspiration. (I’m considering the center one for the cover.) What I’m thinking right now is a romance set in a feminist bookstore called The Spinster’s Revenge. The young owner has invited an older writer (not decided yet whether my usual trans or not) for a book signing.

Meanwhile a hurricane which has been in the news as approaching threatens to shut down the whole area (panhandle of Florida). After a short signing and book reading –sometimes contentious (older cis audience) — the police come through town warning everybody to stay off the streets.

So everyone leaves except the author and the owner. She lives on the second floor of the bookstore and, by default, the author is stuck there too.

The hurricane does hit and starts to do damage to the building. But between the two they overcome any problems. In the process, a romance builds.

There will be my usual dose of sex, probably gentle, though. Too soon to tell. I’m letting it all brew right now.

4 thoughts on “The Spinster’s Revenge

  1. I could imagine a scene early where the owner catches a teen couple taking largely nude photos of her between the shelves of books. She tosses them out but then later explains to the author why she had to toss them out.


      1. I think depending on the flow of the story, the conversation with the author would open the sex discussion and you could have that go a number of ways. Him disagreeing with her decision to throw them out or him telling her she was his niece, etc. Of course she would be turned on and perhaps watched them for awhile. Maybe she confiscated their disposable camera. I was just trying to give you an idea for a scene within your plot which had some possibilities. I’m sure in your capable hands, if you decide to use it, you can make it into something sexy.


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