Happy New Year’s Eve!

518f71410e8bcf4949fe24a803bcf745I want to wish everyone a lovely New Year’s Eve, and in particular a fantastic 2016.

I only began publishing on Amazon and posting on Facebook mid-year. Both endeavors have been extremely satisfying. Add to that mix starting a blog on WordPress and then joining Twitter. I have never been able to communicate my thoughts and feelings before these events. My life is as a loner. Even in a crowd, I’m off in a corner hoping no one notices me. And I like it that way. Yet I’m also enjoying immensely my on-line life. All praise to the gods of Internet!

Thanks to my blog followers and FB friends for reading me, commenting and challenging me. You don’t know what you mean to me. I can’t express it. (I know… great fucking writer, huh.) Maybe someday I will be able to articulateĀ it properly. And to those who actually buy my books off of Amazon… you’re amazing! I slavishly follow the Amazon Direct Publishing Report and squeal like a teenager when something is bought. Thank you thank you thank you.

A special mention goes out to a Facebook group called “Erotic Writer’s Collective” started up by Linda Sanders. They have helped me in bettering my writing and book covers. As you can imagine, a group of erotica writers can have some interesting conversations! Love you all and thanks for your help.

For us all here’s hoping for an exciting, successful year filled with 5-star reviews, enormous book sales and no filtered book covers.

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