More Books In Me

let_me_look_by_ carriegrrSo I published my last book on the 27th. By that evening I had my next book outlined. It’s book 3 in my Dining Alone series which will take place over holidays. The first two were Christmas and New Year’s Eve. This will be for Valentine’s Day. I thought I’d take my two protagonists — Sophie the young vulnerable trans and her lover, Ann, the successful founding partner of her own law firm — to San Francisco. Having lived there (Sausalito actually, just across the bay) I thought I’d enjoy a mental trip back! Gotta have fun with the writing, right?

And I just finished reading a futa book and enjoyed it. I was conversing with the author who said I should give it a shot. I said I knew nothing about the mythos of futanaris, the raison d’être of their existence. He suggests there are none. It’s all fair game! Oooo, that sounds like fun. So I came up with one, even outlined it.

In my futa world, at a certain age a young girl, after having sex and achieving an orgasm, may wake up a futa — enormous cock with pussy. If she, in turn, has sex with another female she loves, that person will also become a futa. It’s something in their DNA that is handed down by the women in the family. Not every generation will be affected. Thus, the mother is not a futa, grandmama is.

So our newly minted futas try to fit in to their old jobs (one a nurse, one a secretary), but naturally lust overtakes them and they get fired. How do they fit into society and survive? Beats me.

I have the whole thing outlined and am anxious to write it. But first, the holiday story. And of course, blogging, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, blah blah blah!


TRANSmissionMy new book TRANSmission is now live at Amazon. This is an erotic thriller. While not my usual fare it still has its share of hot sex, but now I get to add in horrible murders, torture and rape. Fun times all around! Here is the blurb:

Sammy was a ten-year old child when he watched his father brutally beaten to death in his own Korean store. Fifteen years later Yeong, a beautiful sexy woman seduces her way into the perpetrators’ lives, leaving in her wake their mangled bodies. Is there any connection with Sammy?

In the rush to complete her mission before the police detectives catch on to her lies, will she be able to seduce the boss, the man who started this chain of events? As the cops close in on solving the mystery, will they reach them in time to prevent a catastrophe?

I highlighted the following excerpt. The scene occurs after the third murder, but the main character didn’t seem to be bothered by that. The dead body was just a few feet away from their bed! Give it a read.

When she had exhausted herself, she dropped the statue to the floor. Going into the bathroom, she stripped off her clothes and took a shower. Folded up in the towels, besides the gun, was another maid outfit. After toweling off she came out with a hand towel, sitting the outfit on a chair. She began wiping everything she had touched.

Surveying the room she was satisfied she left nothing of her. She moved naked to the bed and looked down at the woman. Her eyes were wide, fear clearly reflected.

“Hi,” Yeong said. The redhead’s eyes stared at her, bulging.

“You know I just saved your life, right? I mean he had no intention of letting you go. You aren’t his first.” She paused. “Had he paid you?”

The woman nodded.

“And you think with you tied up that he couldn’t simply take the money back? This was a one way date for you, my dear.”

Yeong waited while the woman processed the information. When she saw acceptance and resignation Yeong began untying her, rubbing the ligature marks from her skin. The jute had dug deep, blood oozing slowly from the cuts.

When she was completely untied, she turned on the bed and caught sight of the ruined body by the door. She gasped, putting her hand to her mouth.

“Don’t worry about that piece of shit. You’re safe now.” She looked at Yeong with wide eyes now afraid of the young Asian in front of her.

“What’s your name?” Yeong asked.


“No, your real name.”


“Melanie, I’m not going to hurt you.” Tears welled up in her eyes. Yeong continued to gently rub the marks on her wrists. She moved down to her ankles.

“Feel better?” she asked. Melanie nodded and tried a tight smile.

As Yeong looked in her eyes she began to realize that she was in a bed with a remarkably beautiful woman, and they were both naked. She started to pull her eyes away but ended up slowly roaming down her body, stopping briefly at her firm tits, light colored areoles puckered tight. She paused, enjoying the way her breathing caused the orbs to gently sway.

Her eyes moved further down to stop at the pink slit of her cunt, moisture beginning to glint off of her puffy lips. Yeong felt a twitch in her cock as it thickened and moved against her thigh.

She looked back up to Melanie’s eyes, watching as she began her own trip down Yeong’s body. She appreciated the ample breasts and hard nipples on the Asian, the taut stomach with defined abs. When she caught sight of the rock hard cock sticking up from Yeong’s crotch her eyes widened and shot back to Yeong’s eyes. She was smiling.

“Feeling adventurous?” Yeong asked softly. Melanie’s gaze returned to the cock. One of her hands moved up to her long red hair and began to run her fingers through it.

Available for purchase at TRANSmission



Just a Short Post

I spent this day doing final edits to my latest book, TRANSmission. This is an erotic thriller, a first for me. I’m anxious to see how the public will accept it. The character driving the action is a trans woman who is definitely on a mission of revenge. And man is she one mean bitch! I wrote things I couldn’t imagine even seeing, much less doing. Where did this viciousness come from?

Already thinking about my next book, which will be a continuation of the Dining Alone series. Currently that is a two-book series covering Christmas and New Year’s Eve. This one will be for Valentine’s Day. I’m thinking the attorney in the series needs to travel to San Francisco for some sort of lawyerly duties, taking our trans writer along. I feel some shopping, eating and serious lovemaking in the offing.

Anyway, just a thought right now. Came up with this while I was printing up my edits for final perusing, so it’s embryonic.

I used to live in San Francisco. Lovely lovely place. Expensive. But lovely.

Lesson Learned

14b525092c5b13e1e67a7376da28d74bMy book “The Spinster’s Revenge” has proven to be a crashing disaster. I have written 24 books now. Every one has sold and had pages read, especially during the first week out. Every one. Except TSR. Not one book sold. Not one page read.

So I had to sit back and think. Why? Why this one? The same writer wrote it… moi. My usual style of sexy cover. The blurb is my usual, giving hints of what’s inside. So I posted the issue on a Facebook group I’m in. I think they may have come up with the issue. The damn book title.

“Spinster” is not very sexy, instead conjuring up old ladies. “Revenge” would indicate some sort of premeditated murder. So I guess old ladies contemplating murdering someone might not sell in the romance category. The thing’s a romance! It’s a romance between a trans woman and a young lesbian during the throes of a hurricane.

<sigh> Hubris. Conceit. I had conceived of the title several books ago after a discussion with a friend. I had mentioned I expected to die alone. I was never going to get married. The other person said we’d be spinsters together. I liked the sound of that. (I kinda like the other lady, too, but don’t tell her.) So in my mind, sitting around spitballing titles, I came up with the The Spinster’s Revenge. No book idea to go with it. No nothing. Just a title.

Thus this book, a book born of the love of a title on which I tried to shoehorn a story, crashed unceremoniously. Lesson learned. Browsers on Amazon only have a few seconds as they pass through the choices available. Better catch them fast or they will browse on

All is not lost. I will delete it from Amazon, come up with a better, sexier title, and republish. The story’s fine… at least I think it is. My usual stuff.

Review of Enthralled: A Futanari Vampire Erotic Romance by Bryce Calderwood

51v2HL9QXaL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_As an aficionado of all things vampire, I had a pretty good grasp of the genre. I’ve read everything from the original Dracula tale by Stoker to the elegance of Rice. As an aficionado of porn, I’ve seen my fair share of futanari, both animated and live action.

That said, ladies and gentlemen, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! What Bryce Calderwood has done is drop the aspects of vampirism into a bag, fed in the futanarian mythos, shook them up and poured out this bastard race from hell – futanari vampires.

Since the action begins pretty much on page one I can’t get into any specifics without ruining it for the reader. I don’t want that. I want you to read this book with fresh, clean eyes… because by the time you are done you will feel unclean, despoiled, a little jaded, horny, and – if you’re like me – badgering the author for the sequel.

Seriously. I love all forms of horror. Somehow Bryce manages to make the main characters – Ashlyn, the thrall, and her master, Musette – both lovable and scary at the same time. One moment you want to hug Ashlyn, the next you want to run as fast as you can. Won’t save you.

Buy. Read. You’ll see what I mean. This is most definitely a 5-star performance by Bryce Calderwood. Find it at Amazon at Enthralled: A Futanari Vampire Erotic Romance

The Professor and… Bundle

The Professor BundleMy latest bundling of books is now live on Amazon. The Professor and…  This is a two book series featuring a college professor with more than teaching on his mind. At the beginning of every year he picks a young woman, pursues her, ultimately seducing her.

Book 1 tells about The Asian. A quiet young lady from a rich family, she opens herself up by plagiarizing a paper. From there she was subjected to humiliating public sex and an educational session of shibari. But did she enjoy everything more than she let on?

Book 2 has The Redhead. In this tale the Professor just may have met his match. The young lady in question was on an athletic scholarship. Taller, stronger, he may have bitten off more than he could chew. When he finds himself the object of intense BDSM he may wish to return to teaching grade school!

Pick this up at Amazon. You will enjoy the read. Just click on the following link. The Professor and…

Cover Reveal — At Last

Father's Revenge (2)I’ve had the hardest time coming up with a title for my current book. I’m 8,000 words in and I can only call it “that” book. But last night, as I sat in the Kohl’s parking lot waiting for a break in the rain, I was scribbling in my agenda possible titles, just spitballing. And voila, I found one I liked! Yea!

I have to give props to my girl Sakura von Sternberg for an earlier book she wrote, “TRANSfer Student“. That title presentation always stuck in my mind. I like it. Thanks darlin’!

Now back to work actually writing it!

Thoughts On My Youth

5e7c96b804fc52a0036b25f832e39f9eI read with great interest a blog post from my friend Kandia at Abezure’s Journal where she talked about fear. One of her points was about being left alone in the house and raiding his mother’s panty drawer, bra drawer and clothes in the closet. and having to worry about getting every back in exactly the same spot or her father “could tell if even the littlest of things had been disturbed.”  What she was putting across in her post brought back some fun memories for me.

I wrote in an earlier post about my early life, with my father being out of town for long stretches. My mom had apparently wanted a daughter instead of a son and so used to dress me up. So I had to be a butch little boy in school and in town, but dressed and was, well, myself at home except when dad was coming home. (Come to think of it, I should have grown up schizophrenic!)

I also wrote about my first sexual experience with a neighborhood boy. I forgot about a little fact about about that event that, now that I think about it, was hilarious. I was to keep an eye on a neighbor’s house while they were on vacation. Watering the plants, that kind of thing. I was just a young lad. I can’t remember the exact age, but I had hit puberty because I couldn’t keep my hands off myself! LOL.

So this boy — my same age — was in the house with me. Just him and me. That’s when he hit me with the “hey, wanna feel what a woman feels?” I was “oh yeah!” So we got naked and he found the woman of the house’s bra drawer. This is the part I just remembered. I took a lipstick that was on the dresser and drew little nipples on the bra. Wearing the bra, looking in the mirror at the nipples, I did, indeed, feel girly. Of course the pretty intense but short-lived butt fuck helped. Heehee.

So now what did I do after we were done (other than leak)? I had absolutely no idea how to get lipstick off of cloth. So I stuffed it in the clothes hamper in the middle of lots of other clothes, figuring she’d just dump everything in the washer together and that would take care of the problem. I don’t think it did. It was soon after that that my dad caught me getting a blow job in my room from that same boy. I think he may have been alerted.

Nice memory. Thanks for conjuring it up for me, Kandia.

Good Progress

hello__by_self_intoxication-d53qyzaI still don’t have a title, but I’m making good headway on my latest book. Twenty-five hundred words. That’s a little higher than my normal daily output. I can live with that. Actually it feels like this will be a little longer book than I usually put out. Good on that. When the story is done, it’s done regardless of length.

A character has already changed! The trans is now Korean. How the hell did that happen? But I like how it fleshed out. God, I do love being a writer and feeling them take over. Makes my job much easier!

As to characters I actually never force them to be anything other than themselves. I’ll either change my approach or even simply cancel the book if it gets too overwhelming. Usually it’s either an amusement park fun ride or a depression-inducing downer. Either way is fun fun fun.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Butt’s too tired to continue.


Repost of “Transgender survey suspended”

From my friend Lusty Soul:  Due to the unexpectedly high number of responses, I am (temporarily) suspending my survey. I’ve gotten almost 50 replies already, which is a lot more that I had ever hoped for. I am now attentively reading the submissions. The draft of my story is coming along nicely, and I feel it is important that my […]