This Delicate Flower’s Opinion on Criticism


I am a little upset. No, make that red-faced ‘ready to kick Xena’s butt’ mad. A friend of mine writes for TransGlobal Magazine. She had written an end-of-year article, sort of a year in review. It was a wonderful article in my opinion. So along comes a couple of trolls criticizing her.

Now any writer knows they’ll get criticisms, bad reviews, general nitpicking; but apparently this went beyond acceptable bounds. She’s all upset, questioning herself.

That sucks. People that do that sort of thing have no idea how much effort goes into writing so much as a blog post, let alone an article for public distribution in a magazine. Writing, editing, reviewing, editing again… and hoping you haven’t missed anything. Fuck!

And then to cast doubt on that person’s abilities so much that she is questioning whether she should delete the article?!

So to all you asswipes that have never written anything more complicated than a grocery list – kiss my pucker! If I get something like that I’ll simply delete/ignore it and give it no further thought. I am writing something constantly. I just go on to the next thing. So write your own damn article, find someone stupid enough to publish it and then sit back and wait for troll attack. M’k?

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