Work In Progress

librarian_by_meghanalynn-d78n7jyI always have a work in progress. I usually have four or five things in the hamper, adding a little at a time until it reaches a tipping point. Then I put full time on it to completion. There’s never a dearth of ideas, is there? Everything can just jump out at you suddenly and you say ‘hey, that’d make a good story.’ That’s the fun of writing.

Anyway, I posited an idea for a story a few blog posts back called “The Spinster’s Revenge.” One of my readers –rushmorejudd —  left a comment with a scene suggestion. I thought I’d play with that and came up with the below excerpt. Actually his original idea was a lot classier! But, I am primarily nasty, so class takes a back seat. Sorry rushmorejudd. I did, however, place this early in the story as you suggested. It provides a way for the starstruck shop owner to start up an affair with the author. CAUTION: first draft. Also, ADULT. Very adult. Remember I am a writer of erotica.

Let me set the scene. This story is about Laura, a young, tattooed feminist bookstore owner and Gabby, a transwoman author, ex-marine, who has come for a book signing. A hurricane is in the works. After a shortened book reading and just as the discussion starts the police drive through town with their loudspeakers telling everyone to get to their homes and board themselves in. Roads closed. So Laura hurries everyone out who was in attendance, leaving just our two main characters. Laura remembers that earlier in the day two young kids (legal teenagers!) had come in to browse for a book. She doesn’t remember them leaving.

Laura walked towards the back of the room, checking behind the stacks and bookcases. As she entered the back room, in the corner, she heard some noise. Treading carefully up the aisle before the noise she looked through the bookshelf. She saw some movement.

Pulling a couple of books out to make a viewing port, she saw the two youngsters who had come in earlier. The buxom girl had her top off and was sitting on the boy’s face. Her hips were slowly moving back and forth, a walking stride on a horse.

She was gorgeous. The waggling of her breasts in time to her hips was mesmerizing. Her hands were above her head, arms entwined, head back and eyes closed. Her long blonde hair whipped side to side.

Laura didn’t move. One hand slid up along her blouse to a small breast and squeezed gently, enjoying the sensations it caused. The young man’s cock was stiff, jutting from his thick pubic thatch. His hands were on her hips, kneading the muscles in her legs.

“Doesn’t this turn you on?” Gabby whispered softly. Laura jumped at the voice, not hearing her approach. She didn’t answer right away, watching as the two bodies moved, melding into one. Gabby rested her hands on Laura’s hips.

“Keep watching,” she said as she slid her hand into the top of Laura’s stretch jeans, down onto the outside of her panties. Slowly she pulsed her hand on Laura’s mound to the rhythm of the couple. Laura’s breath quickened.

Laura could feel Gabby’s large breasts pressing against her. Her whole body became sensitive to every move, every sound in the room, every breath on her neck. Gabby lowered to Laura’s neck, tongue licking lightly, tasting her.

“Ummm, nice,” she said. Laura gushed a little juice into her panties. Gabby could feel it soaking in.

“Darling, you are so sensual,” Gabby said. She lifted her hand so she could get it inside the panties, wanting to touch her delicious core. She could feel the heat of her fluids, the puffiness of her pussy lips. Running her fingers along the opening, she drew a gasp from Laura. Laura was going crazy. It had been too long since anyone had touched her.

The blonde stood and situated herself over her partner, lowering herself until her cunt was just above his erect cock. Reaching under herself she guided him in, sinking slowly onto his engorged member.

“Wouldn’t you like to join them?” Gabby asked, edging the tip of a finger into Laura’s pussy. “Wouldn’t you like to be licking his balls while they fucked? Hmm? Tasting her juices as they rolled out, feeling his pubic hair tickle your nose?”

Gabby’s dirty talk was having its effect on Laura. Her cunt was gushing more and more onto her fingers, coating them for lubrication. Gabby responded by forcing herself into her, deeper.

“Oh shit that feels good,” Laura whispered, turning to look at Gabby. She liked the look on Gabby’s face… lust… determination. The finger was deep in her vagina while the thumb was working across her swollen clit.

“Oh god,” the blonde said aloud, bouncing quickly on her young stud. His hips were pressing up off the floor trying to force more cock into her. Her hands were on his shoulders as she stared down into his face. Her breasts were flailing, slapping him across the face.

Laura groaned softly at the sight. Suddenly she could feel Gabby’s erection pressing against her buttocks while her nipples were so hard Laura could actually feel them through the thin cloth of her blouse.

“You’d like that young cock shoving up your cunt, wouldn’t you.” Laura nodded her head. “You want his balls slapping against your pussy lips, don’t you.” Laura moaned, eyes squinted shut. Gabby’s fingers invading her and thumb attacking her clit was about to take her over the edge.

“Fuck, I’m going to come,” Laura said.

“No, not yet,” Gabby said. “Come when they come.” Gabby slowed her movements, teasing Laura’s pussy. Laura whimpered in frustration.

“Please, darling, let me cum.”

“Patience, little one.”

Gabby left her fingers at the entrance of Laura’s pussy, running around the wet lips, sliding a finger pad on her aching clitoris just enough to keep her on the edge. They both stared intently at the bucking couple on the other side of the bookcase.

The blonde had sat upright and was riding her cowboy for all he was worth. Her hips were a blur, hair thrashing around her head, breasts a frenzy of motion. He was just holding his hips off the floor providing deep penetration.

Laura continued teasing her own nipples sending electric shocks to her groin. Gabby was grinding her cock against Laura’s small, firm butt.

The blonde threw her head back and let out a long moan, hand clasped across her mouth to stifle the sound. Her body froze. The veins in her neck stood out in bas relief. The boy went into action, throwing himself into her at an impossible speed. He wanted desperately to finish before her orgasm ended.

It was a race, but Gabby’s finger was making quick work of Laura now. The thumb was pressed tightly on Laura’s clit as she humped on the assaulting hand. Just as the boy’s hips made a final upward thrust and froze, Laura’s climax hit with a jet of scalding juice.

“Oh gawd,” she said as wave after wave of orgasm suffused her body, shaking, thighs quivering. Gabby stayed at it, fingers thrusting, coaxing out the last drops.

“Come on baby,” Gabby said, “give it all to me. More.” She ran her tongue along her earlobe, sucking a piercing into her mouth.

Laura kept pumping her hips, trying to force out more fluids. The couple was lying on their backs just on the other side of the bookcase, catching their breaths.

Finally, Gabby pulled her hand from Laura’s slacks, sniffed her fingers and, with a smile, licked it. Laura watched every movement.

Gabby turned her around to face her. With one hand she pulled open Laura’s mouth, then put her finger in. Laura closed her mouth and sucked, moaning, tongue running along the long digit. She tasted herself. It was good. The passion in Gabby’s eyes was powerful. Desire was palpable.

Before Laura could move they heard the kids rousing, getting dressed. They pulled away from each other as Laura moved toward the front of the shop. When the young couple came out of the back Laura was at the counter while Garry was on another side with an open book. They watched as the two came shyly toward the counter.

So that is what I’m doing this fine, cold winter evening.

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