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Trans Marine 2 Maneuvers

For the next two days, I am offering “The Trans and the Marine Book 2: Maneuvers” for free download on Amazon. Go to http://www.amazon.com/dp/B017ZQUU10 to get it.

The story is about Kelli, a trans woman working for a couples therapist. Doug is a marine she meets in her office. An attraction started building in Book 1 that comes to fruition in this installment.

Kelli has a lot to explain to Doug who is eager to learn. As her friend Heather molests Doug’s friend Adam on the firing range, they start their own sexual exploration by watching. Voyeurism can be fun.

When they have full blown sex for the first time, Kelli and Doug discover a world of exciting adventures lie ahead for them.

If you enjoy the story — and the hot sex — of Book 2, please take a look at Book 1: Consultation. I am offering it a reduced rate of .99¢. This book details the beginning of their affair, from the first meeting to when Kelli explains herself to Doug. She’s attracted from the start but is determined not to lead him on. Bad experiences from the past concern her. No trapping. As she worries about what Doug thinks, she takes comfort from her friend Heather… and what’s more comforting than girl-on-girl loving?

Trans Marine 1 Consultation

I like these folks and would like others to feel the same. You can download Book 1 at Amazon, http://www.amazon.com/dp/B017OLXX42.

Thank you for reading. I would appreciate any reviews you feel like giving these books. It won’t cost you anything and would give an enormous boost of confidence to me. A writer lives for the opinions of others.

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