Problems Only A Writer Has


So I’m working on a story about a bookstore owner and a trans writer who is to give a reading and book signing. While a hurricane is building. The key is that the hurricane hits, they are trapped in the bookstore together, and romance/lust/sex ensues.

The problem is this: the main character changed before my very eyes! When I started the story the owner was a youngish lesbian who is struggling to make a success of a bookstore dedicated to feminist literature in a small Florida town. The first image is what I worked from. The trans is an ex-marine who has written a book on the politics of transgenderism. The trans is fine. The owner has grown into, still young, but to reflect rebellious youth of today, is tattooed and pierced. As I wrote I had to explain how she became a feminist, disagreements with parents, rebelled, tattoos, then piercings, then announcing her lesbianism. She grew right out of my fingers!

First problem: I have nothing tattooed or pierced so I have no point of reference.

Second problem: I do a cover right after I get a book idea. I like to have some form of cover for inspiration. I refer to it as I write and so can add little details in the story itself. I also download a bunch of pictures — usually from Pinterest — of things, buildings, weather, whatever will aid me in writing realistic details.

Third problem: finding a new main character photo to replace the first. (I don’t use any Pinterest picture for covers… all rights reserved. Don’t wanna get sued.) Try doing a search on DeviatArt or another photo site of “sexy tattooed bookstore owner” or “sexy tattooed librarian”. Pickings are slim. And too many tend to be buck naked. Amazon unacceptable.

I finally ended up with just some general photos of “sexy tattooed girl”. I really preferred the first non-inked photo. Very sexy and eye-catching. Which is exactly what you want if you’re selling erotica. You only have seconds to catch some browser’s eyes. If it doesn’t grab you immediately, you’ll just browse on.zui_iii_by_zymmij

So the last picture to my right will probably be the new cover. Eh… it’ll do. It grabs you, doesn’t it? By the way, I had to do a lot of research on piercings. Ohmigod! From what I read, it can really enhance sexual feelings! I thought it was just decorative, but apparently they serve a purpose. Not for me, but man. One testimonial was of a woman who got a piercing on her clitoris. Now whenever she takes a shower and she washes her hoo-haw she might have an orgasm! I would be exhausted.

3 thoughts on “Problems Only A Writer Has

  1. Your process is quite interesting. I sometimes am inspired by a photo but seldom use them in the way you do. Nor do I pick a cover before the story is done although, in truth, I am not happy with my cover art generally. Sounds like you will have to have at least one chapter of the bookstore owner getting her piercing!

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      1. My ‘books’ are actually short stories. They get printed on Amazon and are considered books, but they are actually just 6-9,000 words long. I have a very short attention span! Otherwise, yes, I could do a chapter on the piercing.


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