Social Media

e42fa8845b4507acd155d42d9fc06e5fI have been distracted a lot lately. Normally when I am writing I have the web up and my Word program open. I arrange the windows so I can see both. That way if I need to quickly research something, or look for a synonym, I just click over in the other window and I can continue to see both. Makes cutting and pasting a snap.

But truth be told, I am on so many social media outlets now — Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress — that I end up checking into each of those outlets whenever I’m on the web. I can’t help myself. “Hello. My name is Isabella. I am an addict.” LOL.

I need to control myself better. I’m on a diet right now, desperate to lose holiday weight and more. I need to do the same with SM. But will I?

<sigh> No.

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