Being a Good Catholic Girl

7e0e34d4dfe7edf54344094ea745ddc9I’ve mentioned before that I am, indeed, a good Catholic girl. This time of year is rife with special masses, starting with Advent, through Christmas and now into Ordinary Time. I bring this up because once again I’m wrestling with myself (which can be fun, by the way!). I was at Benediction tonight where I actually serve at the altar. Every time the priest opens the tabernacle to expose the Sacrament I truly expect bolts of lightening to turn me into a crispy critter.

I was talking to the priest after mass as I cleaned up. He was just standing there, talking, looking at me. In my heart I just knew he was going to say something about me being trans. I could just feel it. It was on the tip of his tongue… but no.

He finished with some nonsense, said good night  and left. <whew> Why? Why do I care?  For the life of me I don’t know. I guess Catholicism just becomes ingrained and becomes more than just a weekly service. I have thought for years about becoming Episcopalian. They are welcoming to the LGBT community.

I won’t lie. If I’m asked point blank, I’ll respond point blank. But I honestly do not feel God is overly concerned with my genitalia. He made me. He knows exactly who I am. Maybe that’s why the priest backed away. Besides, I had a lit thurible in my hands getting ready to dump the charcoal. (Google challenge — what’s a thurible? Imagine getting slapped in the gonads with that baby!)

One thought on “Being a Good Catholic Girl

  1. I often think about the religious implication of genitals. I mean, let’s face it, genitals are pretty weird. Any god who would create these tags and folds out of flesh must have a real appreciation for the diversity of nature.

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