New Story — No Title Yet

Father's Revenge.jpgThis has been perking for a little while. I think I finally have a good enough grasp on it to actually begin. First, the cover is my first draft. I like the model and the pose. It fits. But I can’t think of a title! Suggestions?

Short short synopsis: Young boy loses father to three thugs. Years later comes back as trans, seduces the thugs one at a time, kills. The last thug is now the boss. How to get to him?

Buzzing around is a police detective. Not caring much about solving the murders as he considers that someone is doing the public a favor, still ends up involved with trans. Finally figures out who and why the killer. Should he stop her? Help? Keep getting laid?

I’ve got an outline. Good to go. I’ll hammer at it starting tomorrow. Wish me luck!


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