Good Progress

hello__by_self_intoxication-d53qyzaI still don’t have a title, but I’m making good headway on my latest book. Twenty-five hundred words. That’s a little higher than my normal daily output. I can live with that. Actually it feels like this will be a little longer book than I usually put out. Good on that. When the story is done, it’s done regardless of length.

A character has already changed! The trans is now Korean. How the hell did that happen? But I like how it fleshed out. God, I do love being a writer and feeling them take over. Makes my job much easier!

As to characters I actually never force them to be anything other than themselves. I’ll either change my approach or even simply cancel the book if it gets too overwhelming. Usually it’s either an amusement park fun ride or a depression-inducing downer. Either way is fun fun fun.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Butt’s too tired to continue.


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