The Professor and… Bundle

The Professor BundleMy latest bundling of books is now live on Amazon. The Professor and…  This is a two book series featuring a college professor with more than teaching on his mind. At the beginning of every year he picks a young woman, pursues her, ultimately seducing her.

Book 1 tells about The Asian. A quiet young lady from a rich family, she opens herself up by plagiarizing a paper. From there she was subjected to humiliating public sex and an educational session of shibari. But did she enjoy everything more than she let on?

Book 2 has The Redhead. In this tale the Professor just may have met his match. The young lady in question was on an athletic scholarship. Taller, stronger, he may have bitten off more than he could chew. When he finds himself the object of intense BDSM he may wish to return to teaching grade school!

Pick this up at Amazon. You will enjoy the read. Just click on the following link. The Professor and…

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