Lesson Learned

14b525092c5b13e1e67a7376da28d74bMy book “The Spinster’s Revenge” has proven to be a crashing disaster. I have written 24 books now. Every one has sold and had pages read, especially during the first week out. Every one. Except TSR. Not one book sold. Not one page read.

So I had to sit back and think. Why? Why this one? The same writer wrote it… moi. My usual style of sexy cover. The blurb is my usual, giving hints of what’s inside. So I posted the issue on a Facebook group I’m in. I think they may have come up with the issue. The damn book title.

“Spinster” is not very sexy, instead conjuring up old ladies. “Revenge” would indicate some sort of premeditated murder. So I guess old ladies contemplating murdering someone might not sell in the romance category. The thing’s a romance! It’s a romance between a trans woman and a young lesbian during the throes of a hurricane.

<sigh> Hubris. Conceit. I had conceived of the title several books ago after a discussion with a friend. I had mentioned I expected to die alone. I was never going to get married. The other person said we’d be spinsters together. I liked the sound of that. (I kinda like the other lady, too, but don’t tell her.) So in my mind, sitting around spitballing titles, I came up with the The Spinster’s Revenge. No book idea to go with it. No nothing. Just a title.

Thus this book, a book born of the love of a title on which I tried to shoehorn a story, crashed unceremoniously. Lesson learned. Browsers on Amazon only have a few seconds as they pass through the choices available. Better catch them fast or they will browse on

All is not lost. I will delete it from Amazon, come up with a better, sexier title, and republish. The story’s fine… at least I think it is. My usual stuff.

4 thoughts on “Lesson Learned

  1. Even when I give it away for free, no one will touch my book “Spicy Dinner for Three”. It can be sobering when expectation meets reality. So move that old rag to the side, and start something fresh. That’s what I did :p

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  2. Don’t delete it from Amazon, just my opinion. Let it sit there, a dusty option that might just start getting some clicks. In a moment of obvious madness, I named one of my books “Unexpected Wetness”, thinking it clever and profound. Nobody else thought so. Still, I like the story I created that goes with that title (and no, it’s not erotica) and I still believe in it. If you trust in your words, then you should put them out there. Let the cards fall where they may… 😉


  3. Unexpected Wetness isn’t erotica? What a great title for it. And no, I promise not to use it. I may take your advice. I’m deep into my next book and have several cooking behind it so I may not bother. Just dealing with first failure. Ego.


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