Just a Short Post

I spent this day doing final edits to my latest book, TRANSmission. This is an erotic thriller, a first for me. I’m anxious to see how the public will accept it. The character driving the action is a trans woman who is definitely on a mission of revenge. And man is she one mean bitch! I wrote things I couldn’t imagine even seeing, much less doing. Where did this viciousness come from?

Already thinking about my next book, which will be a continuation of the Dining Alone series. Currently that is a two-book series covering Christmas and New Year’s Eve. This one will be for Valentine’s Day. I’m thinking the attorney in the series needs to travel to San Francisco for some sort of lawyerly duties, taking our trans writer along. I feel some shopping, eating and serious lovemaking in the offing.

Anyway, just a thought right now. Came up with this while I was printing up my edits for final perusing, so it’s embryonic.

I used to live in San Francisco. Lovely lovely place. Expensive. But lovely.

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