TRANSmissionMy new book TRANSmission is now live at Amazon. This is an erotic thriller. While not my usual fare it still has its share of hot sex, but now I get to add in horrible murders, torture and rape. Fun times all around! Here is the blurb:

Sammy was a ten-year old child when he watched his father brutally beaten to death in his own Korean store. Fifteen years later Yeong, a beautiful sexy woman seduces her way into the perpetrators’ lives, leaving in her wake their mangled bodies. Is there any connection with Sammy?

In the rush to complete her mission before the police detectives catch on to her lies, will she be able to seduce the boss, the man who started this chain of events? As the cops close in on solving the mystery, will they reach them in time to prevent a catastrophe?

I highlighted the following excerpt. The scene occurs after the third murder, but the main character didn’t seem to be bothered by that. The dead body was just a few feet away from their bed! Give it a read.

When she had exhausted herself, she dropped the statue to the floor. Going into the bathroom, she stripped off her clothes and took a shower. Folded up in the towels, besides the gun, was another maid outfit. After toweling off she came out with a hand towel, sitting the outfit on a chair. She began wiping everything she had touched.

Surveying the room she was satisfied she left nothing of her. She moved naked to the bed and looked down at the woman. Her eyes were wide, fear clearly reflected.

“Hi,” Yeong said. The redhead’s eyes stared at her, bulging.

“You know I just saved your life, right? I mean he had no intention of letting you go. You aren’t his first.” She paused. “Had he paid you?”

The woman nodded.

“And you think with you tied up that he couldn’t simply take the money back? This was a one way date for you, my dear.”

Yeong waited while the woman processed the information. When she saw acceptance and resignation Yeong began untying her, rubbing the ligature marks from her skin. The jute had dug deep, blood oozing slowly from the cuts.

When she was completely untied, she turned on the bed and caught sight of the ruined body by the door. She gasped, putting her hand to her mouth.

“Don’t worry about that piece of shit. You’re safe now.” She looked at Yeong with wide eyes now afraid of the young Asian in front of her.

“What’s your name?” Yeong asked.


“No, your real name.”


“Melanie, I’m not going to hurt you.” Tears welled up in her eyes. Yeong continued to gently rub the marks on her wrists. She moved down to her ankles.

“Feel better?” she asked. Melanie nodded and tried a tight smile.

As Yeong looked in her eyes she began to realize that she was in a bed with a remarkably beautiful woman, and they were both naked. She started to pull her eyes away but ended up slowly roaming down her body, stopping briefly at her firm tits, light colored areoles puckered tight. She paused, enjoying the way her breathing caused the orbs to gently sway.

Her eyes moved further down to stop at the pink slit of her cunt, moisture beginning to glint off of her puffy lips. Yeong felt a twitch in her cock as it thickened and moved against her thigh.

She looked back up to Melanie’s eyes, watching as she began her own trip down Yeong’s body. She appreciated the ample breasts and hard nipples on the Asian, the taut stomach with defined abs. When she caught sight of the rock hard cock sticking up from Yeong’s crotch her eyes widened and shot back to Yeong’s eyes. She was smiling.

“Feeling adventurous?” Yeong asked softly. Melanie’s gaze returned to the cock. One of her hands moved up to her long red hair and began to run her fingers through it.

Available for purchase at TRANSmission



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