More Books In Me

let_me_look_by_ carriegrrSo I published my last book on the 27th. By that evening I had my next book outlined. It’s book 3 in my Dining Alone series which will take place over holidays. The first two were Christmas and New Year’s Eve. This will be for Valentine’s Day. I thought I’d take my two protagonists — Sophie the young vulnerable trans and her lover, Ann, the successful founding partner of her own law firm — to San Francisco. Having lived there (Sausalito actually, just across the bay) I thought I’d enjoy a mental trip back! Gotta have fun with the writing, right?

And I just finished reading a futa book and enjoyed it. I was conversing with the author who said I should give it a shot. I said I knew nothing about the mythos of futanaris, the raison d’être of their existence. He suggests there are none. It’s all fair game! Oooo, that sounds like fun. So I came up with one, even outlined it.

In my futa world, at a certain age a young girl, after having sex and achieving an orgasm, may wake up a futa — enormous cock with pussy. If she, in turn, has sex with another female she loves, that person will also become a futa. It’s something in their DNA that is handed down by the women in the family. Not every generation will be affected. Thus, the mother is not a futa, grandmama is.

So our newly minted futas try to fit in to their old jobs (one a nurse, one a secretary), but naturally lust overtakes them and they get fired. How do they fit into society and survive? Beats me.

I have the whole thing outlined and am anxious to write it. But first, the holiday story. And of course, blogging, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, blah blah blah!

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