Oh oh, Another Character Joins the Party

d0d49105400d568744eb933dcaf2084bSo here I am joyfully clacking away on my keys, my latest book taking shape. Along comes a new character who taps me on the shoulder and asks ‘may I join the party’? After looking her over I say ‘sure, why not.’

The book is the third story in the Dining Alone series, this time taking place in San Francisco. Except we haven’t gotten out of Sausalito yet. The trans character Sophia is exploring the shopping and the other sights when she meets up with Natsumi, a gorgeous Japanese trans woman who is also a tourist. At first neither knows the other is trans until a bathroom is needed. Natsumi lives in a state where she can get fined for using the ‘wrong’ toilet.

Sophia is growing in her confidence by guiding Natsumi through her own vulnerability. This is good for Sophia.

So I just left off writing where they are shopping for warmer clothes (if you’ve ever vacationed in the Bay area you’ll understand being surprised at how cold it can get!). Things are about to get a little spicy in the dressing room. Trite, perhaps, but still sexy!

I think she’ll be fun. I’ve already added Natsumi as the Valentine’s Day present to Ann, in what will be my first threesome. (Ann is the lesbian lawyer who is Sophia’s lover). Hope I can keep all the fingers, lips and peni straight.

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