Dining Alone Book 3: Valentine’s Day — Now Live

Dining Alone 3 Valentine's DayI’ll never understand Amazon. My last two books took just over 24 hours to go live. This one took four. Why such a disparity? Anyway, Dining Alone Book 3: Valentine’s Day is available for purchase on Amazon. A new character has been added into the affair between Sophia and Ann… Natsumi. Two trans and a lesbian. Someone’s in for a busy night!

Anyway, here’s the blurb:

The love affair continues between Sophia, a trans writer of romance novels, and Ann, a powerful founding partner of her own law firm. This third installment takes them to San Francisco for Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately Ann has to work, leaving Sophia touring on her own. When she meets up with a gorgeous Japanese trans woman tourist, also on her own, they decide to enjoy the beautiful Bay area together. It isn’t long before Sophia is enjoying more than the view. After a tryst in a changing room Sophia decides that a threesome would be just the right Valentine’s Day present for Ann. Can she convince Natsumi? Can she convince Ann? And if she does, will her relationship with her lover be damaged?

A threesome. I guess if I can’t have a threesome writing about it is the next best thing! LOL. You should have seen the inside of my mind as I tried to keep who was doing what to whom as I wrote it. Fun stuff.

The excerpt I posted follows:

Sophia followed the excited Natsumi into the changing room. She watched as the small Japanese hung up the coat, scarf and hat, then sat down to struggle with the boots.

“Wait, let me help,” Sophia said, kneeling in front of her. She grabbed a boot heel and started pulling. The result was two giggling women and ultimately a naked Japanese girl.

“Well that was fun,” Sophia giggled. Natsumi kept laughing, then looked at her erection.

“Now what are we going to do with you?” Natsumi asked her penis.

Sophia gave it a hard look. It was small, dark in color, perfectly formed. Nobody was touching it but it was throbbing gently, bobbing about in the air with two sets of eyes looking at it… one pleadingly, one hungrily.

“You can’t put your skirt on over that. You’ll stick out,” Sophia said.

“We can wait a while for it to go down.”

“Oh, I think we can be more proactive than that.”

Sophia stretched her finger to touch the tip of Natsumi’s cock. There was a small drop of precum leaking out her piss slit. Carefully Sophia pulled her finger away, a long, thin string of the clear liquid attached. When the string broke she put her finger to her tongue. It was delicious.

Buy it at Dining Alone Book 3: Valentine’s Day. So now on to a futa story. Looking forward to it, too.

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