A Cover Reveal

Futa Night NurseI’m approximately 5,000 words into my futa story. This is fun to write. I’m really enjoying it. I know… glad one of us is. I just finished the scene where she meets her new cock for the first time. Just exploring the apparatus made it hard, of course. Can’t poke and prod too much without expecting something to happen.

I decided to keep the size of this beast to something believable… fifteen inches. .That’s perfectly reasonable, right? Hahahahaha. In some futa porn I’ve seen the cocks are beyond enormous. I want my character to be able to walk to work without a wheelbarrow!

To conclude the scene I had to have the enormous output that is a prerequisite of futanari. I mean everywhere… sheets, pillows, walls, hair, face, feet, ceiling fan. Yes, hanging off the ceiling fan!

Told you I’m having fun.

So far everything’s working with my outline. I can see that since I need to introduce the new appendage to her lover and thus infect her (that’s right… two futanari), and since I prefer to keep my smut around 8,000 words, I’m going to need a second book in order to introduce conflict. Conflict? A rich man who wants the secret to enlarging genitalia and who’s not afraid of using any means possible to discover it.. Those bastard rich folk!

My only complaint is the number of pages I had to write in order to develop the futanari history to my character. There has to be backstory. I couldn’t just have her wake up one morning and BAM penis. I hope in editing I can tighten the thing up. Right now I just keep typing forward until I’m done, then try to straighten things out.

For now, chillin’ is in my immediate future.

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