Amazon Ranking — Futa Night Nurse

Screenshot 2016-02-11 22.08.58

Futa Night Nurse Book 1: The Awakening is ranked at 34th for LGBT/Transgender. That’s the best start for one of my books since The Trans and the Marine Book 1: Consultation which broke 50.

I am a very happy camper! I know it’s childish to toot one’s horn, but remember, I used to be a musician so I know how to toot.

The book went live this morning. Before I could do my advertising (WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr) I had sold a copy. Cool. Then others came a long. I was squealing like one of my characters. My dog thought something was wrong and kept jumping in my lap to lick my face. Very comforting.

The oddest occurrence is Denmark. Someone, or someones actually, has KENP (read) 500 pages. I don’t even understand that. The book is only 28 pages long. How many Denmarkians read my stuff? A book club, maybe? A book club of trans erotic romance readers? Futanari enthusiasts?

Regardless, I am reveling in its success so far. Thanks to all of you who supported me.


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