“Futa Night Nurse” Live at Amazon

Futa Night NurseMy latest book, Futa Night Nurse, is now live at Amazon. It is a short 7,000 word foray into this genre. Here’s the blurb:

When Connie, a night nurse, receives a warning from her mother about becoming a futanari after her birthday, she thinks Mom is just messing with her. Futas are just a Japanese sexual obsession. Then Mom extends the warning to encompass her lesbian lover, Nanami, a beautiful Japanese secretary.

Should Connie shun Nanami to protect her? Or should she explain to her and let her decide. Better yet, should she just ignore what is obviously a tall tale? I mean, who can really spontaneously grow a huge cock?! Right?

Taste the flavor with this excerpt:

“You said you wanted to unwrap your present. Here it is, baby,” Nanami said, untying the robe and letting it fall to the floor. The tight rose corset made her look voluptuous. The tiny thong hugged the cutest puffy pussy Connie had ever tasted. It made her weak just imagining the hairless gift waiting for her. The legs Connie enjoyed wrapped around her neck were encased in patterned mesh thigh high stockings, which disappeared in four inch heels.

Connie melted. She took a lingering look at her lover. Small, fit, her long luxurious black hair fell to her waist. Tonight it was tied in a cute asymmetric ponytail. Her face. How Connie loved that face. She had spent hours gazing into Nanami’s eyes, lost in their beauty. Her soul was deep, and she shared it with Connie alone.

Nanami was exquisitely made up for her role as ‘present’. Her eyeshadow was a medium rose, her lips a dark plum. Flawless fingernails, long and perfectly manicured, matched the lip color.

Connie’s body was full and lush while Nanami’s was slim. They fit together perfectly. They looked like a couple. Connie gathered Nanami in her arms and kissed her gently. Nanami wrapped her arms around Connie, grabbing handfuls of ass.

“Let’s go to the bedroom, darling. I want to get to that unwrapping,” Connie said.

They held hands as they walked. Connie sat on the edge of the bed while Nanami knelt in front of her. They hugged, kisses growing in intensity. Hands roamed, freely exploring bodies they each knew intimately.

Connie moved further back on the bed so Nanami could crawl between her thighs. She unhooked her corset, freeing her small, tight breasts. Connie kissed and sucked the nipples, hardening them. Nanami threw the corset to the floor then wrapped her arms around Connie’s neck, pulling her tight.

“Bite them a little,” she said. Connie loved that. She enjoyed gnawing on her honey’s tits. It never failed to make the smaller woman’s pussy gush honey. Connie put her arms around Nanami, sliding her hands into the ass cleft. A finger probed between her legs to gauge Nanami’s excitement. She was impressively wet.

If this sounds interesting to you, give this link a click: Futa Night Nurse

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