Cover Reveal for FNN Book 2

Futa Night Nurse 2I was ecstatic over the success of Futa Night Nurse Book 1: The Awakening which, of course, I will make into a series. (It eventually reached #17 ranking). Book 2 continues the saga as our two lovelies discover and explore their new… equipment.

Connie returns to her nurse duties, discovering just how sensitive everything is. Her nana tried to warn her that everything will make her horny. In trying to deal with her lust at work she ends up sharing herself with a student nurse… much to the delight of both.

Nanami continues her secretarial duties which expands to satisfying her attorney boss… in the office… caught by HR. Not good.

Bottom line: our two futas — sworn to hide their uniqueness from the world — on the first day out of the house expose themselves to ‘outsiders.’ Good job!

How does this effect them in the long run? Other than make themselves very popular with the curious? How about the billionaire in the hospital who is making inquiries? Who happens to own, among other ventures, a biomedical research laboratory? Oh oh.

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