Futa Night Nurse Book 2: Adjustments — Live on Amazon

Futa Night Nurse 2After the success of Book 1 I naturally had to dive in with a follow-up. Futa Night Nurse Book 2: Adjustments picks up the story right after Connie had ‘infected’ her lover Nanami. At the end of Book 1 Nanami lifted the sheets to look at what happened to her overnight, and… well you gotta buy to find out! Hahahahahaaha… diabolical, no?

Here’s the blurb:

After Connie changed into a futa, true to her mother’s warning her girlfriend Nanami also became futanari. They enjoyed experimenting with their new parts. But the time had to come. The time when they had to return to their lives, their jobs.

Connie contended with a nosy patient in the hospital. In making adjustments to her gigantic penis she recalls the next warning from her grandmother… everything makes you horny! Lost in lust, in walks a vision of sexuality who is only too eager to help Connie out.

Nanami tries hiding her new body with oversize clothing. Her boss quickly determines the reason for the change and forces her into a compromising – and mutually satisfying – position.

And the excerpt (as of this blog it isn’t showing up on Amazon yet, but it will soon follow. Regardless, this is the “Look Inside” text):

Darlene spanked Nanami again, just as hard, just warming up. Each slap caused the skin to color and grow warm, then hot. Nanami laid her face against the cool top, squinting her eyes shut. Her cock was rock hard threatening to shove through the side of the desk. Her cunt honey was flowing. She never knew she’d enjoy a spanking. This was fantastic!

“Tell me,” Darlene warned. “No more lies.”

When Nanami answered with a whimper… no words, just sounds of passion… Darlene switched to the other ass cheek. Grabbing a handful of Nanami’s hair she jerked back hard, lifting her face from the desktop. Her back was arched taut as a bow while her head rocked with each blow Darlene rained on her glowing buttocks.

Nanami’s knees buckled from the onslaught, inner thighs quivering. Both thighs glistened from the constant outpouring of cunt juices.

“Are you going to tell me or do I have to fuck it out of you?”

Oh yes please, Nanami thought.

When there was no response Darlene went back to her desk drawer and pulled out a riding crop. Stiff leather with a phallus shaped handle. She made sure Nanami could see what was coming.

I am very very curious. As I write this post Book 1 sits at a ranking of #52, which for one of my books is astounding after a week on line. So if this book sells as well… well, I guess I will become a futa writer rather than trans romance. We’ll see, huh. Available for purchase at Futa Night Nurse Book 2: Adjustments

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