I’m a Moron, But a Nice Moron (Boring Ranking Discussion Ahead)

4d472d50a9d933cdc7898cf168717677I was sweating Book 2 because even though it is selling and being read well (in my modest opinion), its book ranking was in the 600s. Remember Book 1 managed to get to a #17 rank after two days live, before bouncing around and is still below 100.

So a few hours ago I took a look at the KDP site and, sure enough, it was being judged in the BDSM category. I mistagged my book! Is this the first time I did that? NO. Will this be the last time I do it? NO. <sigh> Sometimes I’m my own worst enemy.

Needless to say, I corrected my error. It now is in the transgender category where it belongs (there being no such thing as futa), and the ranking is currently #74. In other words, in the top 100. Of course, I have lost out on where it might have appeared during the first few days of release when it sold/read the most, but that’s on me. I’m satisfied where it is.

Lesson To Be Learned: Writing the book is step one. Pay attention to everything afterwards as well.

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