Futa Night Nurse Book 3: Challenges LIVE

Futa Night Nurse Book 3Good news and bad news. Good news… Futa Night Nurse Book 3: Challenges (even the damn link doesn’t work!) has gone live on Amazon. Bad news… for some reason it has been marked “Adult”. Of course, the content is adult! But now it won’t show up for casual browsers. <sigh> It must be the cover photo. I’ll replace that right away and resubmit, but that’s a pain in the ass.

So anyway, this book is a continuation of our two futas, Connie and Nanami, as they try to reintegrate into the workplace without exposing themselves anymore then they already have. Spoiler alert — they fail!

Their very existence is challenged when Connie is kidnapped and whisked away to a lab for testing. The billionaire Damian thinks he may have found a solution for his teeny tiny penis. Has he?

Here’s the blurb:

The story continues with Connie, the futa nurse, and Nanami, her lover, exploring their sexuality with others. An exciting threesome with the exotic Delilah in a nightclub only whets Nanami’s appetite for a return engagement with her dominatrix boss, Darlene. This time, she plans on turning the tables.

The billionaire who accidently discovered Connie’s secret has his own ideas. His nefarious plan comes to fruition when he kidnaps Connie from the hospital. Will his plan to treat Connie like a Guinea pig succeed?

The excerpt I posted is:

Darlene was standing by her couch when Nanami entered. She had come prepared as well. Shiny black latex thigh high boots with four-inch heels, naked muscular thighs, a small thong with straps that only emphasized her genitals, and a silver navel ring. Her tight stomach showed the hours spent on sit-ups… abs so defined they looked chiseled in marble. Above that loomed large breasts tightly constricted with a latex bra, straps echoing the thong, that did nothing except accentuate their fullness. Over that was a black latex coat, opened, displaying herself. Her long black hair hung loosely about her shoulders.

Her makeup reflected the severeness of her clothing. The only touch of color was her lips, which were a bright red… a bright slash against her pale skin. Her dark eyes smoldered.

She stood, legs spread wide, watching Nanami come into the room. Darlene’s eyes were hungry. She had been thinking about this since their last encounter when Nanami took most of her arm into that luscious pussy of hers.

Darlene’s eyes took a long, slow route along Nanami’s body, starting at her suede heels, up the trim calf and stopped at the trembling thighs, tight as bowstrings. The cock swinging slightly at knee level reacted and began to rise as she stared at it. Moving her eyes to the narrow waist that her hands could span with ease. They rested again at the bulging breasts, firm, swaying with any movement, nipples imprinting against the fabric.

Nanami’s turtleneck only emphasized her long, graceful neck. As Darlene gazed at Nanami’s face she kept her eyes downturned. Her total submission made Darlene’s cunt gush with love juice. Her honey ran down her thigh and disappeared into her boots. And nothing had been said, nothing touched. Her reaction was simply from looking at the stunning Asian woman before her.

“On your knees,” she ordered. Nanami immediately obeyed. “Hands behind your back.”

Nanami’s breathing increased, wondering what Darlene had in store for her. Whatever it was, she was going to enjoy it.

“Crawl over here and eat my pussy,” Darlene said as she stepped out of her thong, dropping it onto her desktop.

The cover will be changing, but the above is the current one. Enjoy it while it exists! Haha.

2 thoughts on “Futa Night Nurse Book 3: Challenges LIVE

  1. Yeah, Amazon gets upset by anything female-breast-related. Gotta cover those puppies up, sideboob and all! I could go on about the injustice of that (ex: we can see all we want of male breasts, old nude art, etc)… but that would just take too long. Good luck with the cover rehash!

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