Writing Thoughts

22ff3f30cac050b53e3ab321989caafaI just finished my latest book in the Futa Night Nurse series. (Still have to edit, proof and publish, though.) So funny. It ended very abruptly. All of the excitement and sex of their rescue was over (you’ll have to read Book 3 to see what that was about!) and our two futas had left town to recover. They were sitting in a small diner on the edge of nowhere having breakfast, and after some dialog between the two my fingers just stopped! That was it, I thought. The end. Fine (said with a glorious French accent). In my outline, I had planned for another loving sex scene between the two. But no, that dialog was the right place to quit.

[An aside: I paint for relaxation. Acrylics. Landscapes. I like to travel around and take pictures of barns, fences, old buildings, and paint. The hardest thing I have had to learn is when to set down the brush. I’m always fiddling with a painting.].

So earlier in the day, I had been contemplating my next book. I like to keep up a once a week publishing routine, so as I finish one book I like to have at least an inkling what is next. That’s why I always have a pad of jotted down ideas by my side.

Earlier today I came up with a new concept (for me): The Futanari Convent. In my futa-world, certain bloodlines become futa at a certain age. So this convent is run by an older futa nun. She takes in those about to reach the age of change. That’s all I have right now. Like I said, I just thought of it a few hours ago. A plot juuuuuust may have to be longer than one sentence!

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