Futa Genre – Pinterest for Advertising?

323cfa6c58c18846eff48f33909019b0Book 1 of my futa series is, after two weeks published, doing excellent. I just checked before inputting this post. It’s at #27 ranking for transgender. Unbelievable. It just goes to show you that trying out different genres can be rewarding. None of my other 29 books have done this well for… well, ever.

I just posted Book 4 to Amazon. It should come live sometime tomorrow. I’ll put it up on my blogs when it’s live. Unfortunately, the way I screwed the pooch on Book 3 (the adult filter because of the risque cover… what am I saying? ALL my covers are risque! So amend that to “because of the side boob cover”.) it may well affect sales of Book 4. We’ll see.

Regardless, it’s at Amazon marinating right now. I’m already outlining my next series: Futanari Convent. The hard part now is finding some racy nun photos for the covers. (I stole the one accompanying this post from my friend Bryce Calderwood. I won’t be using it for a cover. One, he posted it. Two, naked butt. By the way, if you want to read futanari erotica the way it should be done, check out his books on Amazon. Or Reed James who publishes at a rate that makes my head spin. They are both fan-fucking-tastic!)

Yesterday I discovered a new potential advertising method. I pin pictures in Pinterest for whatever story I’m working on. I find photos of characters, locations, that sort of thing that I can have up on a split screen when typing the book itself. For me, it’s easier to describe something you can actually look at. Surprise, my Story Inspiration board actually has followers. It never occurred to me someone would follow that. So I now started adding the book covers to the board. In the past, I deleted everything when the book was done and used the same board for the next book. Now I think I’ll create new boards for each book/series I create. Every little bit helps.

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