Sorry. Venting.

f605c61290f08ce0d6ee2e8463e6022cTo the someone that says I want to be a trans woman for the attention, that I’m just a drama queen… oh yes, I really want to be ridiculed as a “man in a dress,” that I live to be afraid of going to public restrooms, that my highest aspiration is to be talked about… not too softly… behind my back. Oh yes, I am most definitely a fucking drama queen.

Let me tell you, jackhole. What I really want most in my life… what I pray for… is to not be noticed at all. Just part of the woodwork, a face in the crowd. That I can go about my daily life, shopping, going to movies, dining out, without worrying about some asswipe deciding to ‘teach me a lesson’ in the parking lot.

And to explain a lot more than you deserve, understand I don’t “want” to be a woman. I fucking “am” a woman. You would whine like a little bitch if you went through the process I’ve gone through. You wouldn’t make it through one damn laser hair removal session. I’ve got more to say but my fingers tell me to chill out.So in my most dramatic voice: fuck you. And not in the good way.

Now back to my regular programming! Sorry.

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