Excerpt from The Trans and The Marine

Trans Marine 1Just for the fun of it, I felt like posting an excerpt from one of my personal favorites, The Trans and The Marine Book 1: Consultation. (Check out that cover text. Cool, huh. I liked it but since a reviewer mentioned it I’ve never tried to replicate the experimental aspects of it. See, need to listen to your reviews.)

This tells the story of a marine who is working on a divorce. The court orders he and his wife attend last ditch counseling sessions. The receptionist for the counselor is a young trans woman who has some bad experiences in her past, making her cautious when she finds herself attracted to the marine.

Let me set the scene for this excerpt. Kelli is the trans woman, Heather her best friend. After being asked on a date by the marine she agreed to meet him for coffee. Because of that past experience, Kelli was determined to not ‘surprise’ her suitor. She wanted to get the big reveal out of the way up front. In a safe, public place. Then, he was to think about it and, if still interested in pursuing her, call.

So now she’s waiting. Will he call?

“He hasn’t called,” Kelli said, leaning her head into Heather’s chest, tears forming.

“Well honey,” she said, running her fingers through Kelli’s hair, “it’s only been a couple of hours.”

“How long does it take. Google, eleven letters, hit return. Read a couple of paragraphs.”

“I don’t think his typing skills are the issue. I’m pretty sure he’s trying to take it all in. That’s a lot to unload on a guy over a cup of coffee.”

“So when would you have done it?”

“Me? Hell, I’m a control freak. I would have waited until his dick started to send out the ‘I’m coming’ alert, then I would have said ‘oh by the way.’” Kelli couldn’t help but laugh. That would be a good time.

“I hope I did the right thing,” Kelli said.

“You did,” she responded, patting her hair. “He’ll call. You watch. You’re too beautiful to ignore.”

Kelli snuggled closer to her friend. She always made her feel better about everything. She couldn’t ask for a better friend. Heather continued stroking her hair feeling her friend relax in her arms.

Her hand slid around to stroke her cheeks, feeling for tears. Her cheek was dry, a good sign. Kelli gave a deep sigh. Heather leaned her head against Kelli’s as her hand moved down to her neck, feeling the steady pulse.

Heather starting feeling warm, a sensation she always liked. Kelli and her had been friends with benefits their whole lives. They had discovered sex together. The first dick Heather ever saw was on Kelli. Of all the people on the face of the earth – parents, other friends, anyone – Heather and Kelli could depend on one another.

Now Heather brushed her hand against Kelli’s nipples and was rewarded with a sharp intake of breath, then a long sigh. Kelli turned her face to Heather, looking deeply into her eyes.

Kelli closed her eyes and puckered her lips, knowing Heather would lean into her to take them. She did. Heather licked her lips with the tip of her tongue, tasting the exquisiteness of her friend.

Heather caressed Kelli’s small breasts gently, fingers flicking over her nipples knowing how that affected her. Kelli’s breathing quickened and, turning slightly, took one of Heather’s full breasts in her hands, weighing it.

Their body types were the exact opposite, yet if one was to stand back observing the two, they fit. They were perfect for one another as they moved together in the unison gained through years of lovemaking.

Heather was the aggressor, pulling Kelli’s top off and tossing across the room. Lips replaced fingers, sucking in one long nipple to nibble. Kelli slid Heather’s top off, cupping her breasts while she lolled her head back, enjoying the ministrations she was receiving from her mouth. Heather’s breathing was growing faster and Kelli was working two hands on her ample tits.

She gently laid Kelli back on the couch and, taking a long admiring look at her stretched out, pulled her skirt off and dropped it by her blouse. Then she took the remainder of her own clothes off, leaving two naked women staring at one another with unconcealed lust.

Kelli’s penis was at half-staff, the most it normally attains. Heather didn’t care. She dropped to her knees and took it in her mouth, running her tongue along the sides of the shaft. It tasted good. Kelli’s cock always tasted good. Better than any of Heather’s boyfriends.

Kelli groaned at the sensations shooting from her dick. Heather’s mouth was so hot and wet. She would suck for a while, then pull her mouth away to pump it. Once she realized it wouldn’t harden completely, she grasped the base, squeezed hard to trap the blood, then jerked even faster.

Kelli was holding her hips off the cushions, trying to help Heather, hoping to achieve full size for her. She looked down at her shaft. Heather was staring at it, watching the precum ooze from her piss slit. She leaned over to lick it off, running it around her mouth like a fine wine.

“Oh darling,” Heather said, “you taste sooooo good.” She jammed the cock back in her mouth, furiously fucking it with her head. Kelli concentrated, hoping to please Heather.

“I don’t think… I can’t… I’m sorry baby,” Kelli said, lowering her hips. “Come here.”

Kelli reached to pull Heather up off the floor and set her on the couch. She stood and leaned over Heather to give her a kiss. A long, lingering kiss, tongues dueling. Then she leaned further to take a large breast in her mouth, sucking on the nipple. Heather gasped in response.

Still sucking on a lengthening nipple Kelli reached down to run her fingers across the damp pussy of her friend. Her cunt was completely hairless, pink, with pouting lips. Kelli slid her fingers around the lips, gathering the dribbling moisture, carefully avoiding the distended clitoris.

Heather was humping her hips, trying to get Kelli’s finger into her, but Kelli was just teasing her friend, making her groan in frustration.

“You’re going to ruin your couch,” Kelli said softly.

“Fuck the couch,” she said, “fuck me.”

Kelli chuckled and slowly slid a long manicured finger in the wet pussy, then pulled it out, dragging it across the engorged clit. Heather let out a long moan, arching her back.

“You like that baby?” Kelli whispered in Heather’s ear. She just nodded her head, too breathless to answer.

Kelli slipped a second finger into Heather’s cunt, her juices covering the fingers. Kelli would pump several times, making sure her thumb was rubbing the clit, before pulling out to cover the red nub with her lips. She would suck on the clit like it was a small dick, teasing it with the tip of her tongue.

When Heather’s hips sped up Kelli would stop and replace her fingers inside her friend. The intensity was getting to Heather. Kelli could tell she was getting close. A sheen of sweat covered her body, breasts were heaving and eyes were closed, lost to her own feelings.

Kelli loved this. She knew what was to come. She leaned over close to her friend’s pussy and, deciding it was now, closed her lips over the blood red clit and sucked hard. Both hands reached up to clamp onto Heather’s tits, squeezing the fullness hard.

“Arghhh,” Heather yelled, shoving her cunt hard against her friend’s mouth. Her cunt juice began shooting from her pussy, covering Kelli’s face in her squirt. “Fuuuck.”

Kelli stayed in place, drinking in what she could of the delicious fluid, letting the rest splash across her face and chest. Warm, lovely smelling, nectar of love.

Her face remained against the wet flesh until Heather began to relax, lowering her hips. Her fingers were entangled in Kelli’s hair. She relaxed them, freeing Kelli to pull away.

“Oh God that felt good,” Heather said, looking down at her friend’s smiling face. She had juice in her hair, face, chest, and the front of the seat cushion was soaking.

“Ohmigod,” Heather said, “you look like a glazed doughnut.” They both laughed.

The Trans and The Marine Book 1: Consultation is selling for 99 cents on Amazon. And if you would like to find out if he calls Kelli, you’ll need to check out The Trans and The Marine Book 2: Maneuvers.

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